10 Best Electric Go-Karts for Adults: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

With the likes of Tesla changing our attitudes in the car market, it only makes sense to look for an electric go-kart if you’re looking to buy one. Although we’ve already written a separate piece on the best adult go-karts in the market, we decided to write an individual article on electric go-karts for adults due to requests from our readers.

In this article, we’ll have a look at the best electric go-karts for adults while discussing their pros and cons with detailed reviews.

Our Top Picks For Electric Go-Karts for Adults 

Products Features 
BSR Racing Kart Pro
 (Best overall)
– A 3-hour long battery life
– Sturdy framework and stability
– Speed range of up to 120km/hr
– Adjustable seat
– It comes with the charger
– Front and rear brakes
Razor Crazy Cart XL
 (Best budget)
– Lightweight, only weighs 51kgs
– Chain-driven high torque motor
– Can support up to 109kgs of driver
– Pneumatic wheels for stability
– 360 degree plus steering for smooth cornering
– 40 minutes continuous run time

10 Best Electric Go-Karts for Adults

Without further ado, here are the best electric go-karts for adults.

1. BSR Racing Kart Pro

The BSR Racing Kart Pro features a 56Ah / 96V Li-Ion battery and a long-lasting battery life of 3 hours of continuous use. The body comes with a standard birel art design and a 1050mm wheelbase for the kart. The two battery systems can be swapped easily, and it takes about 2 minutes for this shift to occur. 

The acceleration for the kart takes about 4 seconds to reach from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. That said, the speed limit for the racing kart is 120 kilometers per hour. The rims of the kart are produced with good-quality alloy. And the ride weighs about 110 kilograms, excluding the tires.

Talking about transmission, the kart has a 428 chain with rear and front brakes. The driver’s seat is available in different adjustable sizes to accommodate different riders. You have to charge the battery with a 3.0 kilowatt AC/DC charger. 


  • Alloy body for sturdy framework 
  • Swappable battery options
  • Speed limit of 120 kilometer per hour
  • Cost-effective option
  • Different sizes of seats available


  • Not many design alterations available
  • Not enough continuous playtime

2. Razor Crazy Cart XL 

The Crazy Cart by Razor is a drifting kart available in one classic color, black. The kart itself weighs 51 kilograms, but it can support up to 109 kilograms of the driver. The dimensions of the cart are 108 inches in length, 76 inches in width, and 66 centimeters in height. 

The product requires three 12 volts batteries, hence making a total of 36 volts required to function the kart. It comes with a charger for the batteries. The easy access changing compartment makes changing the batteries hassle-free. With a full battery, you can enjoy the ride for up to 40 minutes straight. 

It features a chain-driven, high torque motor. The speed can be altered accordingly as well. It comes with a patent 360 degree plus steering that allows the driver to drift, turn, and stop with full control. It has a raised bucket-style seat and pneumatic wheels for a comfortable ride. 


  • Drift bar for smooth drifting
  • 360 degree plus steering
  • Pedal acceleration
  • High pneumatic wheels for comfort
  • Powder-coated steel framework for sturdiness


  • Requires assembly
  • Doesn’t come with a break

3. Segway Ninebot Gokart PRO

With a top speed of 23 miles per hour, the Segway Ninebot go-kart pro has 1.0G maximum acceleration. It features a 96-newton meter maximum torque and comes with a detachable self-balancing transporter. It can support 20 pounds of the driver and can accommodate drivers in the height range of 4’5” to 6’3”.

The kart features an app control option as well. You can take this ride for an adventure ride with its 15 percent hill grade value. Not only that, but it also has a 15.5-mile range. It has a brushless motor with very little resistance. This allows the kart to take up less electricity and prevent overheating. As a result, it offers an improved cruising capacity of the kart.

The wheels for this product are designed for unique drifting. The driver can control the speed for cornering and drift like a trained professional. The engine for this kart is divided by 60% rear and 40% front, making it resemble a supercar. The kart also features four different speeding modes to accommodate all levels of drivers.


  • Heavy-Duty engine
  • Self balancing transporter and handbrake
  • App control
  • Reduced heat and high-quality tires
  • Four levels of driving modes – safety mode, regular mode, sports mode, and race mode


  • Only available in one color
  • Requires assembly

4. Ferkart RKZ

The Ferakart RKZ features a brushless motor with a unique electrical seat. It comes with an F1 sound kit and LED lights on both front and rear. The kart has an F1-style steering wheel that displays options for speed and lap times. It features lithium batteries for durable use.

The RKZ is an eco-friendly option that provides zero emissions hence reducing pollution. You can use the kart on any suitable surface. Be it indoors or outdoors, this kart can be used anywhere. It also features an adjustable seat for the driver. Not only that but the pedals on the kart are also adjustable.

The speed limit for this go-kart is a whopping 60 miles per hour. It comes with hydraulic brakes for safety. And it also features an HDPE with impact protection. This go-kart has a 4 point seat belt for the security of the driver and also comes with a headrest and a rollbar. 

In cases of emergencies, the driver can use the emergency stop button and stop the kart immediately.


  • LED display on the steering wheel
  • Outdoor compatible
  • Eco-friendly option
  • Emergency stop button
  • 4 point seat belt security 


  • Costly as compared to others
  • Not available for training purposes


The OTL EGK Kart features a high-quality 48 volts AC motor with 4-kilowatt output and 3 phase facility. This go-kart comes with a premium dashboard that has an emergency stop button to kill the function immediately. It has a forward/reverse switch that allows you to control the kart easily. The kart also features 4-speed settings that can be altered wirelessly. 

It is a rear-wheel drive with adjustable front-end geometry. The go-kart has an encased rear body that efficiently covers the motor, wheels, batteries, and other parts. This product has steel tubing for maximum support and security. For safety, the go-kart offers a 3 point safety harness and a padded roll bar that you can remove when you want. The EGK also features a PEHD ( heavy-duty polyethylene high density ) bumper system.


  • Seat belt, emergency stop button, and roll bars for security
  • An encased motor and body
  • Wirelessly controlled 4 speed systems
  • Low maintenance
  • An affordable option


  • Not available in different designs
  • Cannot accommodate drivers below the height of 58 inches

6. Electric Leisure Kart BSR 2.0

With a top speed of 95 kilometers per hour, the Electric Leisure Kart by BSR is perfect for adults and teenagers. It has a 15-kilowatt electric motor and a 35Ah to 42Ah battery. Depending on the battery option you choose, your run time can range from 25 to 35 minutes. 

The leisure kart only needs 30 minutes of charging, and you can use a 1.5-kilowatt charger for the purpose. The acceleration on this go-kart only takes 3.5 seconds to shift from 0 to 60 kilometers per hour. You can swap the batteries, and it will take about 30 seconds to do so. The go-kart comes with 3 different power levels for different tracks. The LED neon stripes on the kart make it stand out in the crowd.

The rims of the go-kart are produced with alloy, while the body is manufactured with ABS plastic. It features righetti brakes and a 30 by 100mm rear axle. The seat is adjustable with a head defender of various sizes. The steering wheel on the go-kart has dimensions ranging from 300 to 320mm in diameter.


  • Different power levels
  • Adjustable seat with different head defenders
  • ABS plastic body with alloy rims
  • Regenerative braking system
  • 135 kilograms of kart weight


  • Not affordable as compared to others
  • 30 minutes of continous use battery life


The LRX go-kart by SODI is a family-friendly kart option suitable for both teenagers and adults. It is an eco-friendly option that doesn’t produce any noise or smell. You can take it out for a drive both indoors and outdoors easily. 

It is a safe ride manufactured with the safety of the driver in mind. It features prolonged 360 protection along with an adjustable seat so that it is comfortable. The pedals and the steering wheel on the kart are adjustable as well and can be altered for the driver.

The framework for this go-kart is made with plastic for reliability and support. It features a unique safety system to avoid power wastage during charging. Not only that, but the go-kart also features an anti-gas/brake mechanism which helps you avoid pressing the gas and brake at the same time. 


  • App control
  • Anti gas/brake system
  • Proline 360 feature
  • Adjustable seat, pedal, and steering wheel
  • Nylon steering rod for impact break and smooth steering


  • Not many colors available
  • Not suitable for heavy drivers


The ECOVOLT NG+ by BIZ Karts features a 10.5kV brushless motor with a modular design and 45Nm torque. It comes with lightweight lithium batteries that provide durability. The kart follows a 1:1 ratio for charge and play. You have to charge the batteries to full and use it completely before charging again. 

It comes with both electric and petrol options. It can give you a run time between 8 to 12 minutes before you can recharge it. The kart has four-speed settings, and you can adjust the speed according to your driving ability. 

The ECOVOLT features a self-adjusting hydraulic brake system for safety along with an emergency stop switch. The forward and reverse options are enabled and can be controlled by the driver. The seat is adjustable and made with high-quality plastic. 


  • Cost-effective
  • Lithium batteries
  • Fully concealed bumper system
  • Anti-double paddle system
  • Adjustable seat


  • Charger sold separately 
  • Only single design option

9. RiMO SiNUS iON Go-Kart 

This electric go-kart by RIMO features a unique modular system. It can be controlled via a wireless mechanism without any interruptions. The go-kart also offers variable sound effects so that you can select whatever you prefer. You can choose the sounds from V6 to V8. And if you’re not a fan of sound effects, you can turn it off completely. It requires 40Ah lithium batteries to function and provides a maximum output of 23 kilowatts. 

The go-kart features integrated LED lights for optimal vision and a unique sporty look. Not only that but this go-kart is also waterproofed to ensure longevity and quality maintenance. Due to its sturdy build, you can drive it both indoors and outdoors.

Dimension-wise, the kart has a 31.8 mm frame. Along with that, it also features a 2.8 kW nominal engine. The seat size can be altered when purchasing, and the steering can be replaced when needed. The kart comes with DUNLOP tires and also features brake lights for safety purposes. 


  • Overall surrounding protection with special tubing
  • RiMO hydraulic brake system
  • Caliba steering wheel for controlled driving
  • Boost buttons
  • Extra weights for equal competition


  • A bit costly as compared to others
  • Fixed seats

10. OTL Storm EFD kart 

With a top speed of 45 miles per hour, the OTL Storm EFD is a popular indoor go-kart. It features a strong 4-kilowatt motor. It has a magnetic induction system that helps the acceleration to range from 0 to 45 miles per hour in under 5 seconds. 

The steering wheel comes with a custom touch screen display. It shows the driver all the necessary information like battery percentage. For fun, the kart offers F1 sound engines to give real-life racing experience. 

There is a push button to start the kart for easy operation. It also comes with LED headlights for visual effects. The paddles and the steering can be adjusted according to the driver, and speed options are also available for different driving levels. 


  • Customization is available
  • Sturdy framework
  • Top speed of 45mph
  • Touch screen on F1 steering wheel
  • Reverse button on the steering wheel


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for outdoor karting

Buying Guide for Best Electric Go-Karts for Adults

The products listed above have been researched in detail, but still, to help you decide what features should be present in your go-karts, we have prepared this buying guide.

Advantages of Electric Go-karts 

There is always a debate when it comes to choosing between electric go-karts and others. But let’s look at some of the advantages of electric go-karts to understand why electric go-karts are a better option.


Electrically powered go-karts are eco-friendly and don’t produce much pollution. Unlike gas go-karts, these do not emit harmful chemicals in the environment hence damaging our atmosphere. Not only that, but electric go-karts also provide low levels of noise production. That means driving your kart in the backyard won’t disturb your next-door neighbor.

Low Maintenance

As opposed to gas-powered go-karts, electric go-karts require little to no maintenance. You just have to plug it in for recharging, and that’s about it. They are easy to store, and you don’t have to deal with oil changing and engine maintenance like other kinds of go-karts. 

Easy to Learn and Safer

Electric go-karts are an excellent choice for beginner-level drivers. These karts are easy to learn, and the driver gets the hang of it pretty quickly. Not only that, but they are safer as well. In cases of crashes and accidents, these karts are less likely to cause fire, hence, making it a suitable option altogether.

How to Choose an Electric Go-Kart? 

Choosing the right go-kart for yourself or your loved one can be a tricky problem. You have to look at certain features to make sure you’re buying the right product. To help you reach your decision, here is a list of features you should look for when buying an electric go-kart:

Weight and Height Limits

When buying a go-kart, it is important that you look for something that provides versatility with age and weight restrictions. You should buy a kart that will be suitable for drivers of different sizes. Most of the manufacturers mention such limits with the product, so take your time and make your purchase worth it by choosing the right kart. 

Battery Life

Battery life is a crucial aspect of electric go-karting. If you invest in a product with little battery life, you might not be able to enjoy it as you intended. That is why look for the battery time and the maintenance required to keep it up. That way, you can avoid any mishaps in the future and keep enjoying your go-kart for a long time.


Although go-karts tend to be on a higher level of the cost scale, there are plenty of options that are budget-friendly. Just like any other product, go-karts are also available in a vast array of different price ranges. And their specifications also vary depending on their value for money. That said, electric go-karts are cheaper as compared to their gas counterparts. It is so because they do not require much maintenance, and they are a good investment in the long run. 

Framework and Parts

The most important parts of any electric go-kart are its framework and assembly. A sturdy framework ensures durability and stability during the ride. Meanwhile, the important parts like steering and wheels ensure a safe and comfortable ride. 

If your go-kart needs assembly after the purchase, check the steering for maximum turning. It will be helpful during cornering, and you can be sure that what you’re buying will also last you a long time. 

FAQs Regarding Electic Go-Karts for Adults

Before we end the article, here is a quick FAQ section to address any questions that may have been unanswered.

Is an electric go-kart cheaper than a gas go-kart?

If you talk about the initial cost, electric go-karts can be expensive as compared to gas-powered ones. That said, electric karts don’t require much maintenance and fuel change like their gas counterparts. So in the longer run, electric go-karts turn out to be cheaper than gas ones. 

How many types of electric go-karts are there?

There are many different types of electric go-karts. The famous ones include oval go-karts, touch and go, and cadet sprint go-karts. The oval ones have a curved framework which provides added safety. The cadet ones are usually used for kids, and they are slow-speed ones. Likewise, touch-and-go karts are designed for adults and can go more than 100 miles per hour.

How long should I charge my electric go-kart?

Each go-kart comes with a specific set of instructions. The battery charging time can also vary from company to company. That said, it is always smart to plug in your cart at night. The first option is to wait for your kart to show a full battery sign. But if you want, you can leave the kart to charge overnight too.

Do electric go-karts make a lot of noise? 

Most of the electric go-karts come with enhanced sound features. This effect is added to improve the driver’s experience of the ride. But other than that, electric karts are considered to be less noisy than gas-powered karts. You can even stop the sound effects and enjoy a peaceful noiseless drive.


Go-karting is a serious sport enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages and sizes. People love to take their karts both indoors and outdoors while racing among their fellows. But when you’re buying a go-kart, you have to purchase something that you are certain of. 

That is why we believe the BSR Racing Kart Pro to be the best electric go-kart for adults. It is a feature-full model with lots of customization options, a sturdy build, and long battery life. 

But if you are on a budget, the Razor Crazy Cart XL is also a good choice. It is a lightweight, affordable, and extremely stable option. You’ll find it easy to drive. Plus the 40-minute runtime is long enough for most adults. 

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