7 Best Engine Oils for Go-Karts [Reviewed]

Whether you own an on-road, off-road or a racing go-kart, engine oil is something you have to choose very carefully. 

When it comes to buying the best engine oil for your go-kart, there’s a huge variety of options available in the automotive market. However, you have to be extremely cautious when choosing one. The reason for this caution is that go-kart engine oil is quite different from regular car oil. In fact, the oils for 2-stroke and 4-stroke go-karts are also vastly different from each other. 

We agree that all this is very confusing, but don’t you worry! We have compiled this buying guide to help clear your doubts and find a suitable engine lubricant for your go-kart. It even lists the 7 best engine oils for go-karts that you can check out. 

Our Top Picks For the Best Engine Oil for Go-kart

Product Features
Liqui Moly 2024 Synthoil GT1 10W-60 Race Tech Motor Oil
(Best Overall) 
– 10W – 60 viscosity level 
– Comes as a 5-liter container 
– Offers outstanding thermal stability 
– Reduces engine wear 
– Improves engine performance and output
Motul 106144/74 8100 x-Power Engine Oil
(Best Budget) 
– 10W – 60 viscosity level 
– Fully synthetic 
– Contains 5 liters of engine oil 
– Creates an extremely resistant oil film even at high temperatures
– Remains stable regardless of operating conditions 

The Best Engine Oils for Go-Karts 

Here are the 7 best engine oils that you can consider for your go-kart:

1. Liqui Moly 2024 Synthoil GT1 10W-60 Race Tech Motor Oil

The Liqui Moly 2024 Synthoil is a fully synthetic engine oil designed to improve the performance of your go-kart. It is a race-grade oil designed for high-performance engines that are required to operate optimally regardless of the conditions. Its unique formulation combined with a wide viscosity range makes it suitable for every go-kart whether it operates on-road, off-road, or over racing tracks. It is based on their own recipe that they regularly test and adapt to the latest engine requirements. Plus, the manufacturers conduct quality inspections beginning from raw materials right to the shipment process to ensure customer satisfaction. 

This engine oil is very suitable for your go-kart because of its excellent thermal stability. No matter how hot your engine is running, this oil provides adequate lubrication to protect the parts from excessive wear. Even during the cold season, the oil remains stable facilitating a cold start.


  • Fully synthetic oil
  • Highly viscous 
  • High temperature tolerance 


  • No quart markings on the container

2. Motul 106144/74 8100 x-Power Engine Oil 

The Motul 106144/74 8100 x-Power Engine Oil is equally amazing yet slightly more affordable than the Liqui Moly option we discussed above. This one also comes as a 5-liter container of highly viscous engine oil. It is a great choice for your go-kart because of its low volatility and high-temperature resistance. Motul may have developed their first synthetic oil in 1971, they have improved their original formulation by combining various additives to meet modern engine requirements. The X-Power engine oil provides your engine with maximum performance, protection, and efficiency. 

Regardless of how tough your karting conditions are, this fully synthetic oil from Motul maintains its film of lubrication to protect the engine component from high temperature and friction damage. Plus, it is also a great coolant that reduces the operating temperature to ensure maximum engine output. 


  • Affordable 
  • Built-in funnel for easy pouring 
  • Stable under pressure 


  • Can come without seal

3. Castrol Edge Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil 

Castrol is a well-known name recommended by many vehicle manufacturers. Its Edge Motor Oil is a great choice for go-karts both for its Fluid Titanium Technology and low foam performance. It comes as a pack of 12 one-liter bottles that offer more value than purchasing each bottle separately. 

The Fluid Titanium Technology changes the way the oil behaves under pressure. As the pressure and temperature of the engine change, this strong oil ensures friction reduction, minimal wear, and deposit control ensuring maximum engine output. 


  • Increases fuel economy
  • Easy to pour and drain 
  • 1 quart bottles are very portable 


  • Expensive 

4. Red Line 11705 10W60 Motor Oil

Red Line has been providing high-quality automotive products since 1979. Their 11705 10W60 Motor Oil is an ester-based lubricant that delivers extreme wear resistance without compromising on performance. This fully synthetic oil remains stable even in high-temperature conditions. Because of the lower viscosity, the oil maintains a superior film strength to generate more power. It may not be the cheapest offering on the market, but the performance and protection it delivers are surely worth every penny you spend on it. 


  • High-quality ester-based formulation
  • Extremely stable under high temperature and pressure conditions 
  • Highly viscous 


  • Costly 

5. RAVENOL 10W-60 Fully Synthetic Racing Oil

Boasting new and improved esters and poly-alpha olefins-based formulation, the RAVENOL 10W-60 Fully Synthetic Racing Oil is another considerable engine oil option for your go-kart. It is an ultra-modern, high-alloyed fully synthetic multigrade product that delivers secure lubrication, even at high operating temperatures.

It boasts very good shear stability and incorporates highly effective additives for superior performance. The motor oil cares for your engine even when it is under the heaviest of loads, and provides excellent detergent and dispersant properties that prevent sludge formation. Plus, it is also API compliant so you can rest assured about its composition and performance. 


  • Adheres to API standards and practices 
  • Innovative esters and poly-alpha olefins-based formula 
  • Optimizes engine and reduces fuel consumption 


  • Expensive 

6. Lubro-Moly Synthoil GT1 10W-60 Race Tech Motor Oil

The Lubro-Moly Synthoil GT1 10W-60 Race Tech Motor Oil is another modern yet fully synthetic engine oil. It is a high-performance oil, specially designed for 4-stroke engines that work under extreme conditions. So, if you own an off-road go-kart, it will be a suitable choice. With its high thermal stability, it optimizes your engine’s performance by providing immediate lubrication. Being highly viscous, there is extremely low oil consumption and evaporation. 

It boasts a combination of synthetic base oils and modern additive technology that effectively meets the demands of modern go-kart engines. This fully synthetic engine oil works well with both gasoline and diesel-operated engines with or without turbocharging.


  • Suitable for engines under extreme load 
  • Features a combination of synthetic base oils and modern additive technology
  • Provides superior protection against wear 


  • Not suitable for 2-stroke engines 

7. Spectro L.SP416 Platinum 4 Full Synthetic Engine Oil 

The Spectro L.SP416 Platinum 4 Full Synthetic Engine Oil is another fully synthetic engine lubricant. It is blended using Spectro’s G4 Technology that dramatically increases throttle response and horsepower output of your go-kart engine. 

This oil ensures effective heat dissipation so that the engine remains cool and the transmissions shift smoothly and quietly. Whether you are driving over a track or street, this Spectro engine oil ensures smooth and powerful output. 


  • Delivers smooth and quiet performance 
  • Improves throttle response 
  • Increases power output 


  • 1-liter bottle may not be enough for some go-karts

Engine Oil for Go-kart: Buying Guide

Since engine oils are available in various varieties and viscosities, here is a buying guide to help you choose right. 

Why Is Engine Oil Essential for Go-Kart?

Engine oil is an important element in go-kart maintenance. But sadly, it is often the most overlooked aspect as well. Where many karters don’t know how to measure and how often to change their oil, others don’t even know about the various types of go-kart engine oils. 

Engine oil is the first layer of protection against engine wear. It not only creates a barrier between different components that prevents them from rubbing directly against each other but also helps keep the engine cool. As you might already know, engine combustion is a heat-generating process and the working of different engine components also tends to produce a lot of heat. It is important to dissipate this heat for your go-kart to perform well and the engine oil does it for you. 

If you own a 4-stroke go-kart, you may have a separate oil swamp where you pour the oil. But in a 2-stroke go-kart, there is no separate oil swamp. Instead, you mix the oil in the fuel for the engine to run smoothly. Doing so ensures that your go-kart engine gets the required lubrication so that it does not wear out too fast or become damaged. 

Go-Kart Engine Oil vs Normal Street Engine Oil

Normal vehicle engines are targeted for a comfortable driving experience so the engine oils they use boast properties like wear resistance, improved fuel economy, oxidation resistance, long oil life, and corrosion protection. They are designed to clean, lubricate, and protect the engine needing replacement once every 20,000 km.

Go-kart engine oil, on the other hand, is designed for maximum performance. Especially the one used for racing go-karts. Their engines are meant to deliver maximum power and torque at higher speeds. The heat and pressure produced during the process are not something a normal car can handle. That’s why the go-kart engine oil contains special anti-wear additives to provide maximum protection against high temperature and pressure. Go-karts also require more frequent oil changes than regular cars. 

How to Choose the Right Engine Oil for Your Go-Kart?

Proper lubrication and oil changes are the two practices that can improve the performance and extend the life of your go-kart engine. If you want your go-kart running at its peak performance, you have to use the correct engine oil for it. But how do you know which motor oil is the right choice for you? Check for these factors to find out:


When choosing an engine oil for your go-kart, the first thing to look out for is engine oil certification. For this purpose, checking for the API Engine Oil Quality Marks is a good place to start. API or the American Petroleum Institute is the most credible source of data in the industry. It is the national trade association for the oil and natural gas industry with over 700 standards and recommended practices ensuring environmental protection and product quality. 

API offers a voluntary certification and licensing program that authorizes compliant products to display API Engine Oil Quality Marks – the Starburst certification mark and Donut service symbol. Only the products that adhere to API’s practices and standards are permitted to use these marks. You should check for these to make sure the oil you are using is both high in quality and environmentally friendly. 


The next important aspect that you should determine is the grade of the oil for your needs. It is the level of viscosity for different oils as developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers or SAE.

The viscosity of engine oil is defined as the measurement of its resistance to flow at a given temperature. In simple words how thick it is. 

As oil technology has become more sophisticated, multi-weight oils have replaced straight-weight oils. You’ll find the multi-weight engine oil grades mentioned as a series of characters like 10W-60 or 5W-40 on their containers. The first number here represents the oil’s viscosity in cold with the W representing winter, while the second number is its viscosity level at high temperatures. The higher the numbers, the more viscous the oil will be. You should carefully assess your application and choose the engine oil grade more suitable for your needs. 


The two most common types of engine oils used in passenger vehicles are synthetic oils and conventional oils. The synthetic engine oils, like the name suggests, are essentially man-made. They are extremely consistent and uniform containing high-quality additives with lower viscosities than conventional oils. Conventional oils are the derivative of natural crude oil obtained from the ground. Hence may contain impurities and molecules of uneven sizes and shapes. 

There is a huge ongoing debate over which oil is more suitable. Hence you should do your research and decide what works better for you. But if you are unsure, a synthetic blend may be the right choice as it is essentially a mix of both.

Engine Oil for Go-kart: FAQs

While we tried to be extremely explanatory about the various aspects of finding the right engine oil for your go-kart, if you still have some queries boggling your mind, below are some FAQs to help clear them up. 

What type of motor oil goes into a go-kart? 

That really depends upon the go-kart you have. Most racing go-karts do well with a more viscous 10W-60 grade oil while a regular street go-kart will also manage with a less viscous 10W-30 synthetic motor oil. This is because the racing go-karts have loose clearances and operate in hotter conditions, and hence, they need better protection.

Can I use regular car oil in my go-kart? 

Yes, it is possible to use regular car oil in your go-kart. However, try to avoid doing so because it creates more smoke. But still, you may do so when you are in dire need, as any motor oil is certainly better than no oil.

Are 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine oils different? 

Yes, the engine oils for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines are different from each other. Where the 4-stroke oil flows from the crankcase to the engine to lubricate its components, the 2-stroke engine oil mixes with the fuel and contains components that promote its combustion. Both lubricate and cool the engine but the 2-stroke oil is consumed during the combustion while the 4-stroke oil drains back into the oil sump. 

Is it important to oil go-kart clutch? 

The clutch of your go-kart engine is an essential component that makes it move. Hence its maintenance is extremely important. And oiling is one of the most fundamental aspects of clutch maintenance as doing so exponentially extends its life. You should periodically apply oil to the brass bushing of the clutch. 

How do you drain go-kart engine oil?

Draining the oil from a go-kart is very similar to draining oil from a car. You need to unscrew the drain and catch the oil that drains out. The difference is that in a 2-stroke go-kart, you have to do it while the engine is still warm. The liquid that drains out from the kart is a mixture of fuel and oil. Whereas a 4-stroke go-kart has a separate oil sump. The oil that drains out is used oil that should be disposed of properly. 


The best engine oil for go-karts will keep your engine running smoothly ensuring optimal performance every time. It keeps the engine cool and prevents its parts from directly rubbing against each other. 

After going over the range of go-kart engine oils, we believe the Liqui Moly 2024 Synthoil GT1 10W-60 Motor Oil to be the best of them all. Coming from an acclaimed brand, this fully synthetic oil can solve problems and lengthen the life of your go-kart engine. 

On the other hand, the Motul 106144/74 8100 x-Power Engine Oil is a suitable choice for anyone looking for a more affordable option. It also comes from a reputable manufacturer delivering maximum oil film resistance and minimum engine wear. 

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