List of the Best Go-kart Brands and Manufacturers

Go-karting is an ever-growing sport that people of all ages are enjoying worldwide. Go-karting provides the excitement and adrenaline rush, which brings people from all around the globe to race tracks. Whether they are small kids racing around in their mini karts or fully grown adults racing on indoor or outdoor go-karting tracks. 

But everything that happens on the tracks is not the only aspect responsible for the adrenaline rush of this sport. The production process of go-karts is just as interesting. There are numerous go-kart manufacturer brands and companies spread all over the globe. Together, they are all working non-stop not just to produce improved quality karts but are also striving hard to improve the sport itself. And all their efforts are paying off in terms of elevated peer experience that we witness during any go-kart race.

Today, we will talk about the people behind this sport and discuss the brands who put their work in the field, to bring popularity for the sport. Out of a long list of global go-kart brands and manufacturers, we will highlight the best ones and see why they are recognized as top names known for producing premium quality go-karts. So without any further ado, let’s see the best go-kart brands and manufacturers that provide us with our ever-loved vehicles. 

Best Go-kart Brands

Here is a detailed roundup of the top go-kart manufacturers and brands for you to check out:

1. Margay Racing 

Based in the United States of America, Margay Racing was established in 1964. At first, it was named Mar Karts. It started with Its game-changing chassis that featured a quick change gearbox. This gearbox became the signature for the company and made it appear in the top names of go-karting. 

Later, the company was renamed Margay Karting. The company rebranded with the launch of a new breed that was its first kart. After that, this company kept on improving its designs and engine quality. And now with its consistent advancement, it has become one of the most prominent names in the go-karting industry.

Margay Karting is known for a few of its models. Out of which, one of the important ones is X2. This model features tubing for 32mm and 28mm. It also has an adjustable caster and height adjustment facilities at the front and rear. It is available in two colors, black and red. You can say that this kart was produced to rule the tracks with both, look and performance. And seeing one in action, you would also agree that this kart is not here to play around with. 

Other than X2, some famous karts by Margay include Ignite K3 and Brava 125. These are made specifically for adults and young drivers, respectively. Margay Racing also has an exclusive model for young children, called Wildcat. With such variation, this company is surely working on expanding the sport of go-karting in every age group.

2. Birel ART

Established in the late 1950s, Birel ART is an Italian go-kart manufacturing company. It was started by Umberto Sala. Umberto started making karts just for fun and later developed this amazing company. It made its name in the field when during the 80s, the company’s signature chassis Targa was released. It was a phenomenal model that later became the benchmark for the company’s standard and class. 

Later, the manufacturers kept making their name in the history of go-karting. In only a decade between the 1990s and 2000s, the company was awarded six championships. Right now, the famous models of Birel ART include KZ, OKJ, and OK. all of these models are produced keeping quality in mind to ensure the competitive needs of the consumer. With its higher range of top-speed, it surely provides much-needed adrenaline rush to the driver. 

Another important point about the franchise is that Birel ART is the product of a merger between ART Grand Prix and Birel. This merger happened in 2014 when both the companies decided to collectively launch some of the best go-karts in the market. 

Right now, the company is working on upgrading its frame materials by including a better adjustment system to the kart. It is also working on the design with its signature red and white racer looks to match the intensity of the go-karting sport. That said, the company’s partnership with Daniel Riccardo is surely highlighted for its blue and yellow hard to ignore look. 

In the go-karting world, Birel ART has somewhat become the gold standard. With consistent quality, it always manages to secure a satisfactory response from the consumers. It has surely worked a lot to master its formula. And now, there is no doubt in saying that it has perfected what we like to call a premium quality go-kart. This explains why its karts make an appearance in nearly every karting track. 


SODIKART is a french go-karting manufacturer. It was founded 35 years ago, and since then, the company has been working to bring out advanced go-kart models in the market. SODIKART is also specifically known for its attention to detail and safety. With each new product, the company adds little tweaks and changes that comfortably elevate the experience for the driver. 

Through the years, SODIKART has produced a number of different go-kart lines. But from its huge collection, the important go-kart lines include SODI Rental and SODI Racing. 

As the name suggests, the racing category is designed for competitive karting. It is a line that has something for everyone. Be it a beginner driver or an expert racer, everyone will do something in accordance with their preference. It is this attention to detail that we were talking about earlier. It is also the reason why the racing line has won numerous awards and championships for the company. 

Likewise, the rental line by SODIKART also provides a wide range of different options for consumers. Some of the models include SODI Sport, SODI LRX, and SODI KIDRACER. Going in chronological order, SODI sport is a high-intensity kart suitable for expert drivers. It is a competitive kart used for expert-level racing. 

On the other hand, SODI LRX is an electric kart that is suitable for both intermediate and beginner level drivers. It is also high intensity but still provides some leverage. Lastly, as the name suggests, SODI KIDRACER is designed for kids who are big go-karting enthusiasts. 

The versatility of SODIKART makes it a remarkable option for everyone.

4. Exprit

With origins in Italy, the manufacturers of well-known competitive karting have now also set foot in the European world. The company was established in 1968 and has been producing top-quality karts ever since. One of the highlights of its models is a white and orange chassis.

Exprit is known for its dedication to quality maintenance. The company works alongside OTK Kart groups, and benefit from their R&D. As a result, each model design from Exprit is up to par with their standards.

Exprit’s latest models include Thoos R and Noesis R. These two fairly similar models feature an improved aerodynamic system with a new floor plate style. They also come with an improved braking system and a brand new steering wheel. The only difference between the two is that Noesis comes with 30mm tubes while Thoos features 32mm tubes. 

Exprit is also working on newer and smaller versions of its karts. These are rookie models specifically designed for children. By doing so, the company is planning to expand its business while making a change in the world of go-karting.

5. Tony Kart 

Known for its amazing quality and top-notch designs, Tony Kart was established in 1958. The company was initiated by Antonio Bosio, hence the name. They launched with a signature green chassis that quickly took over the world for its undeniable reliability. 

This company was one of the pioneers to ever launch go-kart racing teams. Besides, the company also made its appearance prominent in both the European and international markets. 

To this day, the company relies on hand-crafted equipment from Italy, to honor their tradition, as initially, Tony had started production from his backyard. The prominent models of the company include the Original Tony Kart Formula, Tony Kart Extreme, and Tony Kart Racer. 

The chassis produced by Tony Kart surely made an impact in the go-karting world.

6. Top Kart

Top Kart is yet another competitive go-kart manufacturer. It is well known for its affordable but quite well-performing products. The company was founded in Indianapolis which itself is the home for the world-famous race track, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

This company was founded 40 years ago, and since then, it has been the benchmark for top-quality karts. The reason its quick success was the passion for the sport. Unlike other companies, Top Kart created an entirely new world for go-karting. It not only produced good-quality go-karts but also helped uplift the game.

The company provided driver coaching, video analysis, and even kart maintenance to the consumers. Meaning, Top Kart is not only a company but an institution for go-karting. When you invest in Top Kart, you build a lifetime relationship with the company. The supervisors will guide you at every step of the way. From learning to drive the kart and keeping you updated with the newer settings, Top Kart will always have your back.  

The Economy Chassis from Top Kart has taken over the go-karting world with a storm. After that, Top Kart SR30.2 is a note-worthy premier race chassis. Last but not least, the top kart MSTEM3 EV is a revolutionary model that encourages STEM involvement in the go-karting, thus encouraging students to join the field.

7. J3 Competition 

J3 Competition is a US-based go-kart manufacturing company. It was established in the year 2004, and since then, it has won multiple awards from numerous championships. Some prominent ones include the titles in North America, Australia, South America, and Europe. 

J3 started its journey with its signature chassis, COMPKART in 2014. The most prominent one from this line included the Covert 3.0 R20. It is built to perform on the track to secure the winner’s spot each time. With its advanced braking system and the design built for fast speeding, the kart can work for different surfaces.  

Another important kart from J3 is Covert 4R-20. This one has 8 and 30mm tubings that work well in tough conditions. It also has magnesium wheels that keep the kart balanced at all times.

The company is also working to introduce its very own kart rental services. Once they launch it, you can use their services without having to buy the kart itself. With neon yellow chassis and blue accents, J3 surely knows how to stand out.   

8. Kubica Racing Kart 

Kubica Racing Kart is a daughter kart line from Birel ART. This line was launched in collaboration between the company and Robert Kubica. Robert himself is a pioneer among F1 drivers, so it made sense when he combined with Birel to produce his own line.

This company mainly focuses on uplifting the sport through new technologies. The karts are built with a sporty theme in mind. It features orange and black color schemes that make it stand out on the tracks. In total, there are four models from Kubica Karts.

The products from Kubica Karts come with improved frame geometry and a unique floor panel. The company is also working on a new model C28 S11 that comes with 28mm tubing. It also has a brand new frame geometry specifically designed for CH-92 go-karting. 

The important point to note here is the fusion of the two biggest names of go-karting. With the experience and expertise of Birel ART and the performance quality of Ricardo, this line surely provides the best of all. 

9. CRG Kart

Established and manufactured in Italy, CRG is a world-famous go-karting company. Anywhere you go, CRG karts always appear to be a renowned and standard name in the field of karting. It was founded in 1986. It was the daughter company of another kart manufacturer, Kali Kart. Due to the experience of its parent company and later on, due to its own research, CRG ensured to produce premium quality products. 

This company makes sure to provide good quality products without making a dent in the pocket. Other than that, its biggest power is the unique color scheme. Unlike other manufacturers, CRG concentrated on the visual aesthetics of its karts. 

Sometimes, it launches a model with oranges and blacks. Other times, you’ll see sea blue and light green karts.. By doing that, CRG keeps its look fresh and updated in the market. This explains why karting enthusiasts pay great respect to the company and build a lifelong relationship with them. The famous karting champion Lewis Hamilton is one such example.

Some prominent chassis built by the company include CRG Dark Rider, CRG LH, and CRG Maranello. These karts were introduced at different times from the 1990s to 2010. Of them, the more recent model is the Dark Rider, which is known for its Rotax engine. It is this advancement that keeps the CRG Kart above its competition and makes it stand out from the rest.

The Bottom Line 

Who doesn’t enjoy the thrilling sport of go-karting? And what’s better than looking at what goes into the process of making your favorite karts? 

Above, we discussed some of the most famous and the best go-kart manufacturers from all over the world. With their combined efforts, all these companies are working very hard to make the sport more mainstream.

From the fresh-looking chassis from CRG to affordable competitive rides by Top Kart, all these companies have their individual qualities. Just like J3 is working for rental services, Exprit is expanding go-karting to include young aspirants in the area as well.

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