10 Best Go Karting Neck Braces [Reviewed]

Go-karting is a fun activity but without proper gear, it can become a nightmare for you. So, if you’re a beginner or a young go-kart racer, you must enter the track with complete protection. 

One of the most essential pieces of protective gear for karting is a neck brace. These are composed of a foam and abrasion-resistant material that keeps you safe from neck and spine injuries. 

So, if you’re wondering what are the best go-karting neck braces, here we’ve compiled the list of the best 10, along with the buying guide that will help you to choose one wisely. 

Our Top Picks for Best Go Karting Neck Braces

Let us take a quick look at the best of the best:

Product Features 
EVS Sports R4 Race Collar (Best Overall)– Lightweight and comfortable
– Plastic outer layer with bio-foam absorbent inside
– Front clasp for rapid closure
– Easy to adjust the rear strut
– Soft edges for better comfort
– Provides a great range of head movement
K1 Race Gear Neck Protector Brace (Best Budget Option)– Helmet support at the back
– Velcro closure
– Padded foam for impact absorption
– Simple and comfortable design
– Washable and stain-resistant fabric

The 10 Best Go Karting Neck Braces

The 10 best go-karting neck braces are discussed below, in detail.

1. EVS Sports R4 Race Collar

In kart protection equipment, EVS sports is one of the most popular brands. It also manufactures some quality karting neck braces. Among them, the EVS R4 Race Collar is the ideal choice. This brace also tops our list as it provides you with great protection and is quite comfortable to wear. 

It is a lightweight go-kart neck brace that is made up of a plastic shell having soft edges, with absorbent bio-foam inside. The bio-foam can easily sustain the impacts of collision. In addition, there is a rear strut that can resist compression and can be adjusted effortlessly. The brace also features a front clasp that would be very handy in emergency situations for quick release. 

EVS R4 neck collar is also popular for the range of head movement it allows. However, some people would feel that there is too much room for movement, which may result in failure to keep your head and neck steady during collisions.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Plastic outer layer with bio-foam absorbent inside
  • Front clasp for rapid closure and release
  • Easy to adjust rear strut
  • Soft edges for better comfort
  • Provides great range of head movement


  • Might feel quite loose

2. K1 Race Gear Neck Protector Brace

K1 race gear neck protector is a pocket-friendly option. This neck collar has a simple design that feels pretty comfortable. It saves you from neck fatigue and overstretching as it comes with helmet support at the back. Also, its material is of high quality with the credibility of the K1 race gears.

This K1 neck brace has sizes for both adult and young racers. Though it is a budgeted product, it does not compromise your safety and protection. It is composed of well-padded foam that can easily bear abrupt collision jolts. Besides, the shell of this race neck brace is of soft fabric which is washable and can resist stains.

However, one off thing about K1 neck braces is that they might feel a bit too tight around your neck. That’s why it can limit your head movements.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Helmet support at the back
  • Velcro closure
  • Padded foam for impact absorption
  • Simple and comfortable design
  • Washable and stain resistant fabric


  • Limits head movements

3. SIMPSON Racing Neck Collar

For go-karts, Simpson racing neck collars are also a viable choice. It is a foam-made collar that is soft and comfy. This neck collar not only supports the weight of your helmet at the back but also provides chin support. Moreover, it has SFI approved design which speaks for the quality of this neck brace.

In addition, like most foam-made round collars, it comes with a velcro fastener. You can adjust this fastener according to your comfort and preference for head motion. You will be safe from neck fatigue and strains while wearing this racing neck collar. 

However, it has a couple of downsides too. Firstly, its foam is a bit too soft that can affect the collar’s ability to keep your head steady. Secondly, it feels fixed around your neck and can restrain your movements.


  • Soft and comfortable foam
  • Chin support
  • Adjustable velcro closure
  • SFI certified
  • Resists abrasion
  • Fire-retardant


  • A bit too soft
  • Restrain movements

4. Leatt Brace GPX 5.5 Neck Brace

Leatt Kart Neck Brace is a premium choice for neck protection. It has a sophisticated modern design that allows greater neck flexibility so that you can easily see in all directions. Also, its design gives you a 3-way adjustment mechanism through which you can fix it accurately. 

It comes with helmet support and allows you to rest your chin. Besides, you will find adjusters at the front as well as at the back along with a rear strut. On top of that, this fiberglass-made Leatt neck brace is CE certified for its safety and quality. However, since it is a premium product, you would need to spend more to enjoy its protection and comfort.


  • Fiberglass material
  • Allows 3-way adjustment
  • Helmet support
  • Great flexibility
  • Adjusters at the front as well as back
  • Rear strut
  • CE certified


  • Highly expensive

5. EVS Sports R2 Race Collar 

EVS Sports R2 Race Collar is another formidable product by the brand. It is not an advanced neck brace but it can be great neck support for karting because of its design. R2 is slightly curved which helps the brace to adjust on your shoulders comfortably. 

This EVS kart neck brace uses PU foam for padding. It is highly sturdy and can resist collision impacts along with providing you with neck support. The outer shell of the neck brace is of ballistic nylon that can be removed and washed easily. Its material quality is certified by CE, which ensures you that these are a safe choice for neck protection. 

However, you might face some issues with the fitting of R2 race collars. With no adjustable straps on it, you would need to select the size wisely for a better fit.


  • High-quality PU foam
  • Washable nylon shell
  • Front buckle closure
  • CE certified
  • Curved design fits comfortably on your shoulders 


  • No adjustable straps

6. Z-Tech Series 2A Head and Neck Restraint

Z-Tech Series 2A Head and Neck Restraints are built like a HANS device. It provides support for your head and neck along with the resting space for your arms. The hardware is of stainless steel, while its shoulder frame is composed of quality fiberglass. Besides, it is also SFI certified.

Moreover, for a device like this, it is much lighter and weighs only 900 grams. Another great thing about this device is that you can adjust it for shoulder and arm width and arm angles, too. 

In addition to that, its helmet support ensures head-steadiness for safety. Also, the foam padding is removable and easy to clean. Overall, this product is highly durable and provides great protection.

However, you would find series 2A to be quite expensive in comparison to most of the other neck braces on this list. But its efficiency and features like that of a HANS device justify its price. It would still be cheaper than the HANS device itself.


  • Works like HANS device
  • Weighs only 900 grams
  • Fiberglass frame
  • Great room for adjustability of arms and shoulders
  • Suits a range of race seats and body sizes
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • SFI certified
  • Highly durable


  • Quite expensive

7. Bohn Neck Brace

Bohn neck brace for go-karting makes a great choice for the young racers. These are also made of foam padding with 1-inch thickness for children and 2-inch thickness for adults. The outer layer is of high-quality wear and tear resistant material which can also absorb sweat. That’s why this neck brace can be a good choice for the summer. 

Bohn neck braces are much lighter, hence, would provide your child with good comfort. It can also carry some weight of the helmet, so it resolves the issue of neck fatigue. Besides, the head movement would not be restricted because of these go-karting neck braces. 

Though these are great for children, for adults karting, they are not quite suitable. Since they are flimsy, they would not provide the sturdiness required for faster carts.


  • Padded foam
  • Water-resistant material absorbs sweat
  • Resist abrasion
  • Lightweight
  • Velcro closure
  • Helmet support
  • Ideal for children


  • Feels flimsy
  • Might not be suitable for adults

8. EVS Sports R3 Race Collar 

Likewise, R4 and R2, EVS R3 Race collars also make a great choice for go-kart neck braces. This race collar has soft foam padding, which allows it to bear abrupt impacts. Along with that, it has a simple and comfortable design, which helps in adjusting it properly. Also, it is designed in consideration of the appropriate range of head motion. That’s why it neither limits motion nor allows too much room to ensure your safety.

Other than that, this neck brace can be attached to your chest protectors to keep it steady. Also, for the closure, there is a buckle at the front, which allows quick closure and release. This lightweight neck collar is EEC certified that mitigates the risk of neck and backbone injuries.

However, it feels too light and flimsy and might not be able to completely absorb intense jolts. 


  • Soft foam padding
  • Simple and comfortable design
  • Allows appropriate head movement
  • Can be attached to chest protectors
  • Buckle closure
  • Lightweight
  • EEC certified


  • Quite flimsy

9. RaceQuip Helmet and Neck Support Collar

RaceQuip Helmet and Neck Support Collar is another budgeted choice for neck protection. It is a round-shaped neck protection gear that is available in three different colors, including red, black, and blue. Its high-quality foam padding is about 2-inches in thickness and can carry the weight of your helmet. 

The foam padding has the outer shell of woven FRC, which has flame retardant properties. However, this product does not have SFI approval. The closure type of RaceQuip is velcro that is fastened at the front. 

The one downside of this go-kart neck brace is that it is too rigid. Its foam padding is not as soft as you would like for comfort. Also, the ring-like design might be too narrow for some people. 


  • Foam padding
  • Woven FRC shell
  • Flame retardant material
  • Velcro closure
  • Chin support
  • Helmet support


  • Too rigid and tight around the neck

10. Alpinestars Sequence Youth Neck Roll

Alpinestars is a great brand for protective gear. Its Sequence Youth Neck Roll is one impressive product for young racers. It is composed of a high-quality polyurethane material that is used for padding. It comes with a velcro closure which allows some adjustability. 

This Alpinestars youth neck roll has an ergonomic design which is ideal for your little ones. The bionic foam padding provides great comfort and ensures that the collision impacts do not shift the force to the neck and backbone. Though Alpinestars’ shape is quite similar to the EVS R2 and R3 neck braces, it is much thicker than them. Therefore, it provides better neck support. 

In addition to that, Sequence Youth Neck Roll can also bear the weight of your helmet. That’s why your child would be safe from any neck pain. But the off thing about this neck brace is that it can get too sweaty in humid conditions, and its fabric is not water-repelling. 


  • Pure polyurethane material
  • Velcro closure
  • Has an ergonomic design
  • Helmet support
  • Ideal for young riders


  • Not suitable for humid conditions

Buying Guide for Best Go Karting Neck Braces

By this point in the article, most readers zero down the product they would like to get for themselves. But, to make the choice easier, here we have the buying guide, listing out all the features that the best go-karting neck braces should have.

Features to Consider in Go Karting Neck Braces

Look out for the following features in the go-karting neck braces that you select:


Material is the most crucial consideration as your safety would depend on it. Usually, the quality neck braces available in the market are made from dense foam, with the outer layer of specially designed cut and tear-resistant fabric. This material can resist erosion, scratches, or any extreme weather conditions. 

In addition to that, the other properties to be considered include lightweight, water-repelling, and fire-retardant fabric. This will not only provide you with more protection but will also make the brace comfortable.


For choosing the design, considering its thickness and shape is essential. Since these features of your neck brace will determine the parameters of your head motion. Moreover, for this, you should also consider what would feel more comfortable to you while karting.

The shape of the neck collar is also important because some of them can support your helmet while others do not. Besides, you should consider that the brace is not too tight as it would limit your head movements. Also, it should not be too loose, as it would not help in keeping your neck protected against impacts.

Straps and Fasteners

Straps and quality fasteners are crucial for keeping your neck brace fixed in one place. It also allows you to set it properly according to your preference for the range of head movement and your comfort. 

There are usually two types of closures on a neck brace. The first one is velcro which is much easier to fasten because of the hook and loop straps. You will find them at the front of the collar and can fasten it just by attaching the hook strap to the loop one. This type of fastener allows more room for adjustment of the brace.

At times, buckles are also used as fasteners. These will be more secure than velcro fasteners as they are closed by joining the two sides of the buckle. However, some of them have adjustable straps while others do not. Also, they would take a bit longer to close than the velcro ones. That’s why the choice of fasteners would depend on your preference for greater safety or the ease to fasten the brace.

Range of Motion

You must always check the range of head movement the neck brace would allow. Firstly, you should check the adjustable straps, so that you can fix them appropriately. Secondly, consider the build of your shoulders and neck and then select the design that would suit you best. 

Also, you should know that the extra padding in the neck brace restricts your head movements. Therefore, you should choose the one that neither affects your safety nor limits your head movement. 

Comfort and Safety

The level of comfort the neck brace provides is another essential consideration. That’s why you should check its overall comfort by considering the type of material, its closure, and its design. For a better comfort level, you should be looking at the features like water-resistant material for absorbing sweat, quality padding, and lightweight material. 

For added security, you can go with the braces having twin closures. Also, you should check how easily you can move your head in all directions without exposing your neck and spine to any potential impacts. Therefore, you would need to pick one that is neither too loose nor too tight. 

Benefits of Wearing Go Kart Neck Braces

Though you would see many professional racers not using neck braces, it is a piece of formidable safety equipment especially for beginners or young racers. Here’s why you should be wearing kart racing neck braces:

  • Neck braces or collars can limit the movement of your neck so that a sudden impact does not cause any spine injuries.
  • It can save your cervical muscles or spine from overstretching.
  • It helps in carrying some weight of the karting helmet so your shoulders and neck feel relaxed.
  • Braces can also help in lessening neck fatigue. 
  • It lowers the risk of injuries caused by accidental collisions.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about go-karting neck braces:

Why do I need a neck brace for karting?

A neck brace is a piece of necessary safety equipment for go-karting. By wearing it you can protect yourself from neck and spine injuries that you may encounter during accidents or collisions. It can also support the weight of your helmet and save you from neck fatigue.  

How to choose a neck brace that fits well?

The neck braces are available in two sizes; adult and young. For choosing the right sized one, firstly, you would need to consider your build and the range of motion you would want. Then choose the design according to that and look for adjustable straps, so that you can fix it appropriately.

Why do pros not wear neck braces?

The prime reason most of the seasoned go-kart racers do not use a neck brace is that it has not been a piece of mandatory racing equipment for adult racers. Also, racers feel that it limits your head movement that causes difficulty. Moreover, racers fear that too tight foam braces can result in suffocation during collisions. Lastly, the lack of testing of these products makes them skeptical about their performance. 


Go-karting neck braces are an essential part of the protective gear. They can not only mitigate the risk of severe cervical and backbone injuries but also reduce neck pain and fatigue. Though it is not a piece of mandatory equipment for professional racing, you should use it for some added protection. 

We reviewed 10 of the best go-karting neck braces and found EVS Sports R4 Race Collar to be the overall best. It is lightweight and comfortable and effectively absorbs the collision impact. If you are looking for a budgeted one, then you can go with the K1 Neck Brace. It is a simply designed foam padded brace that comes with helmet support. You can also opt for premium options like Leatt kart neck brace or Z-Tech Series 2A Head and Neck Restraint for better protection at the professional level.

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