3 Best Go-Karts for 8-Year-Olds: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

Racing is a sport that’s becoming more popular with each passing day. While there are various racing formats, Formula 1 is the ultimate goal of all professional racers. 

To reach it, most drivers start out at a very young age. If your 8-year-old also dreams of becoming a professional racer, you can help them achieve their goal by getting them their very own go-kart. Besides being a great recreational activity, go-karting will also help them hone their driving skills for later life. 

Here are the 3 best go-karts for 8 years old that you can check out. 

Our Top Picks For the Best Go-kart For 8 Year Old

Product Features 
Marstone Go-Kart for Kids
(Best Overall) 
– Electric-powered 
– Dual operation modes
– Adjustable frame 
– 4 to 10 km/h speed range 
– Wear and slip-resistant tires 
– One button start 
Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart
(Best Budget) 
– Affordable 
– Pedal-powered
– User-friendly
– 3-point steering system
– Adjustable seat 
– Handy handbrake 
– Race-inspired pedal design 

The 3 Best Go-Karts for 8 Year Old

These are our favorite go-karts for an 8-year-old:

1. Marstone Go-Kart for Kids

If your kid wants a realistic go-kart experience, the Marstone Go-Kart is the right choice for them. It is a powerful electric-operated model that supports dual driving modes. The driver can drive it themselves using the incorporated accelerator and brake pedals, or the parents can use the provided Bluetooth remote control to operate it themselves. 

This kid kart is suitable for kids of all ages and sizes. The retractable frame boasts 5 different lengths that you can adjust according to your little one’s height. This feature allows it to grow with them. And if its speed is a concern, this electronic kart runs on two-speed levels – 4 km/h on low and 10 km/h on high. 

The Marstone Go-Kart is one of the safest kid karts. It has a comfortable and large backrest with a three-point seat belt that ensures driver safety. The front is further equipped with an anti-collision and reinforced protection that keeps them protected in the event of a collision. 


  • Simple and easy operate 
  • Provides 40 to 50 minutes of continuous playtime 
  • Large and comfortable seat with a three-point seat belt 


  • Long charging time 
  • High and low speed only, no in-between

2. Hauck Lightning – Pedal Go-Kart

This go-kart from Hauck features an innovative yet sporty design that is both sturdy and durable. With a three-point steering system, the kart provides your kid with an authentic driving experience. They’ll love its quick response and sharp handling. Plus, the race-inspired pedal design makes it easy for them to operate. 

The Lightning Pedal Go-Kart features a custom, ergonomic molded seat that you can adjust according to your kid’s height. It has a high backrest that makes it extremely comfortable and supportive. Plus, it also ensures they are sitting in a safe position. 

This go-kart is great for keeping your 8 year old physically active. The pedaling activity strengthens their muscles while the overall experience is great for their hand-eye coordination and response time. 


  • Pedal-powered 
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Durable powder coated frame 


  • Difficult to pedal on gravel and grass
  • Turn radius is big 

3. Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart

Razor is a known and reliable name with numerous bestselling go-karts decorating their product lineup. Their Ground Force Electric Drifter Kart is a suitable choice for your 8 years old because of its sleek and speedy design. 

This is also an electric-powered go-kart that can go as fast as 12 mph. It functions using a chain-driven motor with varying speeds, that is powerful but extremely quiet. Two 12-volt batteries power the drifter kart and give a use time of up to 45 minutes on a single charge. It features a durable steel frame with molded aluminum wheels and 4.5 inches tires. 

The Razor Drifter zooms around on flat trails. Razor has equipped it with a race-tuned chassis and super-slick rear wheels for serious drifting. Plus, there is a shoulder seat belt for maximum safety and a flag for a pure racing vibe. 


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Fast speed 
  • Heavy-duty tires for serious drifting 


  • Battery lifespan is short 
  • Not suitable for off-roading 

If you don’t like any of the options mentioned above, maybe have a look at our article on the best go-karts for kids of all ages.

Buying Guide: Go-Kart for 8 Year Old

Here is a comprehensive buying guide to help you with your purchase. 

Benefits of Go-Karting for an 8 Year Old

Go-karting boasts very obvious benefits for kids like boosting their development, providing a means for outdoor recreation, as well as bringing out the racer in them. However, these are only a few of the many advantages of go-karting for kids. Let’s have a look at some more. 

  • Helps increase strength and stamina
  • Improves blood circulation 
  • Boosts self confidence
  • Helps increase their attention span 
  • Teaches them important life skills like quick-thinking and taking responsibility for their actions

How to Choose a Go-Kart for Your 8 Year Old

Before finalizing any go-kart model, you have to decide on certain factors. These factors are some features that help you identify the right go-kart for your kid’s needs. You can check them out below. 

On-Road or Off-Road

The first thing you should consider before buying any go-kart is the type of surface your kid is going to drive it on. If they are going to drive on a smooth graveled surface you should look into getting an on-road go-kart. And if they are likely to drive it on an uneven surface like rough terrain and unpaved road, you should consider getting an off-road go-kart. 

Pedal-powered and electric go-karts are more suitable for on-road go-karting. Gas-powered go-karts are more suitable for off-road go-karting. However, there are some exceptions too. 

Number of Seats 

The next thing you should consider in any go-kart is the seating option it offers. Although most kid karts can only seat a single rider, there are some options that can seat two kids comfortably as well. 

You should look into getting a one-seater go-kart if you have one kid. A two-seater go-kart comes in handy when you have an older kid to drive it and a younger one to enjoy the ride.

Power Source

Go-karts for 8-year-olds are pedal-operated, electric-powered, or gas-powered. Pedal go-karts being slow are not only safe, but they are also great for strengthening the delicate bones and muscles of the child. Electric go-karts for kids have a speed range between 8 and 12 mph. They are the perfect solution for your kid’s need for speed. Although we are against getting a gas-powered go-kart for your 8 years old, if you think yours can handle the high speed and power you can look into getting one that is safe for kids. 

FAQs: Go-Karts for 8 Year Old

This section explores some common queries that parents of 8-year-olds have about go-karts. Have a look! 

What age is appropriate for go-karting? 

Go-karting is a sport that is exempt from age limits. These days kids as young as 3 years are racing around in their mini go-karts. In fact, many go-karting facilities actually have a dependable separate category for young drivers where kids can race go-karts in a safe and controlled environment. 

Can 8-year-olds race go-karts?

Yes, an 8 years old can race go-kart. Many karting facilities have separate training sessions for Cadet drivers aged between 8 and 12 years. Here they explain everything from the kart itself to advanced driving techniques. Once the cadets can walk, they are ready to run, safely racing their go-karts along the track. 

How much does a go-kart for an 8-year-old cost? 

That really depends upon the type of go-kart you are purchasing. If you want a pedal-operated one, they are highly affordable costing around $150. But if you settle for an advanced electric or gas-powered variation, be ready to shell out $500 to $2,500.

What is the range of possibilities a go-kart can provide for my 8-year-old?

A go-kart is a recreational vehicle that opens the gates to all sorts of possibilities for your 8-year-olds. They can enjoy traditional rides around the house or neighborhood and also engage in friendly go-kart races under supervision. Besides, go-karting is also an excellent way to hone driving skills while letting children independently explore their surroundings. 


Go-karting is an excellent activity to take your 8-year-old off the couch and make them physically active. It is not only great for their growth and development but also enables them to explore their surroundings independently. 

After carefully assessing the different go-kart models, we believe the Marstone Go Kart for Kids to be the best option for most 8 years olds. It is an electric-powered go-kart with an adjustable frame, and anti-slip, wear-resistant tires. It supports dual driving modes, plus allows parents to set a safe speed limit too.

For anyone who is on a budget, the Hauck Lightning – Pedal Go Kart is our best budget pick. It is a pedal-powered unit that operates on the child’s own physical strength. The adjustable seat, convenient steering system, and a handy handbrake all make it the right choice for your energetic 8-year-old.

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