12 Best Hoverboard Go-Kart Attachment and Combo

A hoverboard is an exciting toy that is not easy to master. If you have a hoverboard lying around your home, convert it into a hover kart using a good hoverboard go-kart attachment. 

Whether you are bored of your hoverboard or haven’t been able to master it yet, a conversion kit can help you put it to good use. You can easily use one to convert your hoverboard into a fashionable yet fully functional go-kart that can take you anywhere. Such kits are pretty simple to install and can be removed whenever needed. And they are not just for kids. Adults enjoy it equally. 

Today we are reviewing the 12 best hoverboard go-kart attachments and combos to help you find a suitable option. Check out our recommendations and buying guide below to make the right choice. 

Our Top Picks for the Best Hoverboard Go-Kart Attachment and Combo 

Product Features 
Hover-1 Buggy Attachment
(Best Overall) 
– Suitable for 6.5 and 8 inches hoverboards 
– Adjustable frame length
– Affordable 
– Available in two color choices 
– Comes with the required hardware 
– Assembly is quick and easy
– Boasts a high weight capacity 
KKA Hoverboard Kart
(Best Budget) 
– Budget-friendly
– Available in four color options 
– Suitable for most hoverboard sizes 
– Foam padded steering bars 
– Comfortable and large seat to accommodate adults 
– Fits both kids and adults 
– Heavy-duty metal construction 

The 12 Best Hoverboard Go-Kart Attachment and Combo 

If the quick picks section has piqued your curiosity about the other options on the list, go right ahead and check out the rest of the products on the list.

1. Hover-1 Buggy Attachment

The Hover-1 Buggy Attachment is an amazing conversion kit both for its features and performance. It features a durable aluminum frame that is both durable and adjustable. The Buggy can easily fit kids, teens, and adults with its adjustable design and comfortable molded seat. Plus, It is compatible with most 6.5 and 8 inches hoverboards. 

Installing this hover kart kit is also pretty simple. It features adjustable straps with rubber protectors that securely attach to the hoverboard converting it into a stable three-wheeled ride. This Hover-1 kit comes complete with all the required mounting gear like nuts, screws, washers, wrenches, and other spare parts. The hand-operated joysticks on each side make it easy to maneuver allowing forward and backward movements as well as quick turns. 


  • Affordable 
  • Simple to assemble 
  • Easy to use 
  • Durable and stable 
  • Comfortable molded seat


  • Not compatible with 10 inches hoverboards 
  • Instructions are lacking 

2. KKA Hoverboard Kart

The KKA Hoverboard Kart is another attachment kit that is both affordable and safe. It features a heavy-duty metal frame with a reinforced seat to comfortably accommodate riders of all ages. The frame is adjustable from 26 inches to 34.5 inches and the kart has a high weight capacity of up to 242 pounds so it can easily fit riders of all height and weight categories. 

This KKA conversion kit is compatible with most 6.5 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches hoverboards. It includes a pair of strengthened straps and a complete tool kit for easy assembling. There are foam-padded hand steering bars on either side that ease its operation. Plus, the solid 360° swivel solid front wheel easily adapts to different road conditions. 


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Simple operation 
  • Quick and simple assembly 
  • Construction is sturdy and reliable 
  • Available in four color options 


  • Rubber on feet rest can fall off
  • Seat is stiff and uncomfortable for prolonged use

3. Jetson JetKart 2.0 Universal Hoverboard Attachment

The Jetson JetKart is a great choice for turning your hoverboard into an all-terrain go-kart. It is compatible with hoverboards of all sizes. You can use the included velcro straps and adjustable brackets to easily convert your self-balancing scooter into a safe and secure vehicle. It features rear suspension and a sturdy light-up front wheel that enables you to race on any surface easily. 

Other notable features of this go-kart conversion kit include grooved foam grips for better grip and handling. There are curved footpegs that offer better traction and comfort regardless of the surface you are riding on. The steel frame is quite durable with a comfortable bucket seat to accommodate riders of all ages and sizes. 


  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Sturdy construction 
  • Comfortable seat 
  • Grooved foam grips 
  • Curved footpegs


  • Expensive option 
  • No color choices 

4. ULIKEIT Hoverboard Seat Attachment Go Kart

The ULIKEIT hoverboard seat is a comfortable and stable choice for riders of all ages. It features a sturdy alloy steel construction that can easily bear loads up to 220 pounds. You can easily attach it to any 6.5 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches hoverboard without any difficulty. 

The frame is telescopic allowing you to adjust it according to your height. The seat is also spacious and comfortable. Plus, it is equipped with a handlebar steering system that makes it easy to master its operation. 


  • Long-lasting 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Three color options to choose from 
  • Telescopic frame 
  • Universal design 


  • Seat is a bit hard 
  • Strap quality is lacking 

5. Hover-1 Falcon-1 Buggy Attachment

Want to convert your hoverboard into a racing buggy? Try the Hover-1 Falcon-1 Buggy Attachment. It features a fog blaster and turbo LED lights for realistic racing effects. The independent rear-wheel drive enables you to make quick turns and drive in the reverse direction as well. Its manual hand steering gives you complete control to move it forward, backward, or turn swiftly. 

The robust quality frame is completely adjustable so you can customize it according to your comfort. It includes adjustable velcro straps that fit most hoverboards of 6.5 inches and 8 inches tire size. 


  • Sturdy and durable construction 
  • Inexpensive 
  • Realistic racing effects 
  • Easy operation 
  • Swift turns


  • Seat is uncomfortable
  • Not suitable for 10 inches wheels hoverboards 

6. Hover-1 Beast Buggy Self-Balancing Scooter Attachment

If you own a 10 inches hoverboard, the Hover-1 Beast Buggy Self-Balancing Scooter Attachment is the right choice for you. It features easy to maneuver hand-operated joysticks on either side that give you complete control of your ride. You can use them to move forward or backward. Plus, there is also an independent rear wheel that allows you to turn smoothly and swiftly. 

Installing this hover kart attachment is pretty easy mainly because all the required mounting gear is already included in the package. You’ll find nuts, washers, screws, wrenches, and some spare parts inside along with the frame and the seat. There is an owner’s manual explaining the step-by-step assembly directions to help you out. The straps for mounting it on are also adjustable with rubber protectors so that your seat remains securely attached to the hoverboard. 


  • Suitable for all surfaces 
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction 
  • UL Certified 
  • Suitable for 10 inches hoverboards 
  • Easy to assemble and use 


  • Defective front wheel assembly
  • One color option only 

7. Hiboy HC-01 Hoverboard Kart Seat Attachment

If you are after a sturdy and reliable hover kart attachment check out the Hiboy HC-01 Hoverboard Kart Seat Attachment. It features durable metal construction with PVC wheels for rugged and high-quality performance. It is compatible with hoverboards of all sizes whether it has 6.5 inches tires, 8 inches tires, or 10 inches ones. There are adjustable straps included in the kit that allows you to securely mount this seat onto your hoverboard. 

The HC-01 is a popular choice for two reasons its versatile design and high weight capacity. We already explained its versatility above, coming to the weight capacity. This Hiboy kit can easily carry weights up to 270 pounds. The seat is extremely ergonomic so most riders won’t face any difficulty while sitting over it. Plus, the kart itself is pretty easy to operate thanks to the handlebars on each side. 


  • Compatible with all hoverboard sizes 
  • Sturdy metallic construction 
  • High weight capacity 
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Easy to control 


  • Assembly can take long 
  • Velcro straps can snap 

8. Mingto Hoverboard Seat Attachment Go Kart

Here is another versatile conversion kit that can turn your self-balancing scooter into an amazing rise. The Mingto Hoverboard Seat Attachment Go Kart features aerospace-grade aluminum alloy material which is both lightweight and durable. The frame is adjustable allowing you to customize its length between three different levels. It can go from 27.5 inches to 35 inches fitting most kids and adults comfortably. 

This Mingto conversion kit is compatible with a variety of hoverboard sizes. You can easily equip it on 6.5 inches, 8 inches, 8.5 inches, and 10 inches hoverboards easily. The attachment straps are adjustable and sturdy.

And there are four extra straps included in case of loss. 

The go-kart attachment functions using the handlebars. You can use them to accelerate, turn, brake, and reverse. The handles are foam-padded, the footrest has rubber pads, and the seat contours to your leg and back for comfort so that you enjoy the riding experience. 


  • Suitable for all budgets 
  • Works with hoverboards of all sizes 
  • Rugged construction 
  • Comfortable to sit and ride on
  • Assembles easily 


  • Straps lack quality 
  • Parts can be missing 

9. HYPER GOGO GoKart Kit – Hoverboard Attachment

If you want to enjoy a true hover karting experience, the HYPER GOGO GoKart Kit – Hoverboard Attachment is an option to check out. Unlike the tubular conversion kits, this one from HYPER GOGO imitates a real racing kart. It is an all-inclusive model that works with hoverboards of all sizes and can accommodate both kids and adults. Plus, the kit comes with a safety helmet and goggles for a realistic racing experience. 

Unlike the handlebar steering system, this go-kart kit uses a foot steering system to move the kart. There is also a steering wheel on the front to control your turns. You can operate the pedals with your feet to move backward and forwards. Plus the brake is conveniently located on the side which you can pull to slow down or stop. 


  • Attractive and stylish
  • Comes with safety gear 
  • Works with all hoverboards
  • Easy to assemble and operate 
  • Three color options 


  • One of the more expensive options 
  • Being heavy it greatly reduces the hoverboard’s speed 

10. Pilan Cool Mini Kart

The Pilan Cool Mini Kart is a great option for buyers looking to purchase a versatile yet durable go-kart conversion kit for their hoverboard. It is crafted out of heavy-duty metal. It can carry heavy loads with a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, making it extremely suitable for both kid and adult riders. 

It features an adjustable frame design that can extend up to 4 inches. This go-karting kit is extremely simple to operate. It eliminates the need to balance yourself on the hoverboard by placing two steering handles on each side that imitate the movement of your feet when you are standing on the hoverboard. You can push them down to move forward, pull them back to move backward. Turning is also possible with these steering bars. 


  • Easy to ride on
  • Quick to assemble
  • Adjustable length
  • Compatible with most hoverboards 
  • Ergonomically-shaped seat


  • Replacement parts not available 
  • No shock absorbers 

11. LJX Hoverboard Seat Attachment 

The LJX Hoverboard Seat Attachment is another budget-friendly model that is priced lesser than many of the other models on our list. It features sturdy metal construction with an adjustable frame and a wide seat. It can easily accommodate riders of various ages but has a limited weight capacity of 150 pounds.

A good thing about this conversion kit is its ease of setup. It comes mostly assembled so all you need to do is attach the seat and then mount it on the hoverboard to start using. This attachment is compatible with hoverboards of various sizes including ones with 6.5, 8, and 10 inches tires. There are adjustable straps included inside the package that you can use to securely attach the hoverboard seat to the hoverboard. It comes with four extra straps, plus, all the required tools and hardware, and a clear instruction manual is also included to assist you. 

Once assembled, the kart itself is pretty easy to use. There are two control bars, one on each side. You can use them to propel forward and speed up, move backward slow down, and turn. The solid yet flexible 360° swivel middle wheel helps in taking turns. Plus, it is also suitable to move over a variety of different surfaces. 


  • Affordable
  • Durable aerospace-grade aluminum alloy construction 
  • Wide seat to accommodate both kids and adults 
  • Adapts to different road conditions 
  • Lightweight and easy to use 


  • Low weight capacity 
  • No color options 

12. EVERCROSS Hoverboard Seat Attachment

The Evercross Hoverboard seat is the new generation for hoverboard attachment. It features an adjustable frame to provide better support and comfort. The frame length can be moved around from 28 inches to 34.5 inches. 

It is easy to assemble the product and comes in three colors. The color options for the seat include black, blue, and a unique yellow. You have to use nuts to put the seat in place. When doing so, make sure it is set in place and doesn’t come loose in use.

It features a flexible knob for adjustment and a 360-degree steering front wheel. The frame on the ride is made with aerospace-grade aluminum that gives stability for the rider.

It fits most of the karts and can support up to 256 pounds of the rider. Because of its length, it is suitable for hoverboards with the length 6.5 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches. The grip on the seat is also made with rubber to provide support without hurting the skin.


  • Durable framework made with aluminum 
  • Lightweight product but supports heavy weights 
  • Suitable for many hoverboards
  • 360-degree steering features for controlled riding 
  • Easy to learn thus suitable for both kids and adults


  • Requires assembly
  • Not suitable for karts with handles in the middle

Buying Guide: Hoverboard Go-Kart Attachment and Combo 

We’ve already offered you a shortlist of the best hoverboard go-kart attachments along with detailed reviews for the same. However, if you’re confused about how to use this list or how exactly to choose a good product from it, then this section should help you out with that.

Why Buy a Hoverboard Go-Kart Attachment? 

True, the hoverboard itself is an amazing Personal Light Electric Vehicle (PELV), so why should you convert it into a go-kart? Here’s why:


A hover kart is suitable for riders of all ages, sizes, and heights. They have an amazing weight capacity. Even if you have purchased one for your kid, you can comfortably ride on it yourself as well. 

Easy Assembly 

Unlike traditional go-karts, hoverboard go-karts are pretty simple and easy to assemble. All you need to do is strap in the velcro straps and you are good to go

Plus, it is not a permanent mounting. You can always remove the conversion kit when you like. 


Riding a hover kart is much safer than riding a hoverboard. Especially for small children and people with balance issues. Since the rider is driving it while sitting, their chances of falling off a hover kart are much reduced than from a hoverboard. 

Help Improve Motor Skills 

Where riding a hoverboard is all about balance, riding a hover kart requires motor skills. The act of pulling and pushing the rods to operate the kart helps develop and practice motor skills in children. 

Makes a Great Gift 

A good hoverboard and conversion kit combo makes a great gift for anyone. Especially young children. They can enjoy the kart when they are small and remove it to ride the hoverboard once they are old and confident enough. 

Rejuvenate Old Hoverboard

Have an old hoverboard lying around the house that you no longer use? A hoverboard go-kart attachment can blow a breath of new life into it. While it is certainly attractive for kids, you will also enjoy riding on it. 

How to Use a Hoverboard Go-Kart Attachment? 

Hoverboard go-kart attachments are great for people who haven’t mastered the art of balancing on a hoverboard yet. Here is how to use one:


While the details vary from model to model, the basic method of attaching a go-kart remains the same. Each conversion kit comes with velcro straps that loop around the hoverboard. Pull them to tighten before fastening securely into position. Give the assembly a gentle shake to make sure it doesn’t fall apart. 


Operating a hover kart is incredibly easy. Once you have assembled it, sit on the seat while resting your feet on the front bar. Hold the pull rods on either side with your hands. Push them forwards to propel or speed up. Pull them back to slow down to stop. Pulling the right rod up and left down will turn your kart to the right while pulling the left rod up and right down will direct you towards the left. You are basically using the rods to operate the hoverboard in the same way you would do with your feet. 

What to Look For in a Hoverboard Go-Kart Attachment?

Because of the surge in popularity, there is no shortage of amazing hoverboard go-kart conversion kits. However, instead of trying and testing random products, you should set a certain criterion to weigh different models and find a suitable kit for yourself. Here are some aspects to keep in mind:


The steering system in most hover karts mounts directly on the conversion kit with the hoverboard under your seat. There are some models in which the hoverboard either mounts on the front or in the midsection. 

The ones with the hoverboards on the back have to pull rods on each side that you can use to steer the kart. The ones with a middle mounting hoverboard have bike-type handlebars that you have to operate with your hand, while the ones with a front mounting hoverboard are operated via foot control. 

You should carefully check out the different steering systems and settle for the one that is the most comfortable for you. 


The comfort level of any hover kart is determined by the shape and quality of the seat, as well as the suspension system, material, and size of the tires. 

Most hover karts have a plastic bucket seat but if you want something more comfortable, you can always swap it with a padded one. Some also feature a suspension system with rubber tires for maximum shock absorption. There are others with spring suspension systems too but they can compromise your speed. 

Keep an eye out for all these factors and choose a combo that is more comfortable for your application. 


The support bar in almost every hoverboard go-kart attachment is adjustable. This feature lets you adjust the kart to suit the age and height of almost all riders. 

You should not ignore this important aspect, especially if you plan to use the kart with multiple riders. 

FAQs: Hoverboard Go-kart Attachment and Combo

Below are some common queries people have about hoverboard go-karts.

How much maintenance do hover karts require? 

A hover kart is composed of two components – a hoverboard and the conversion kit. Hoverboards are battery-powered devices. Hence, they require 3 to 4 hours of charging to function. It is important to inspect the hoverboard every week to make sure all the parts are fully operational. Similarly, you should also check the conversion once every month for signs of wear. Make sure that all the connections are secure and the components are functioning properly. 
You should also clean your hover kart every once in a while. Other than this, a hover kart is quite low-maintenance. 

Do hoverboard go-kart attachments come pre-assembled? 

No, most hoverboard go-kart attachments require light assembly out of the box. Since they are space-consuming, shipping them unassembled saves both space and money. However, their assembly is pretty easy as they come with detailed instructions and all the required components. You’ll only need to attach the tubes and install the seat and handlebars. Once assembled, you just have to insert the velcro straps into the hoverboard and the kart is ready to go. 

How fast are hoverboard go-karts? 

Hoverboards can typically go as fast as 15 mph. Adding the conversion kit does not make much of a difference, but the size of the rider can have an impact. The speed remains fairly unchanged if the rider has an average weight and height, but as the weight on the kart increases, the speed of the kart decreases.

Is it legal to ride a hover kart on roads? 

The best place to ride your hover kart is on your private property. But if you want to ride it on the road, be sure to check the regulations in your country or state as many have imposed a ban on using Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs) like hoverboards and karts on roads and footpaths. 


Hoverboards may have taken us all by storm, but there is no denying that they are a bit dangerous. Luckily, we also have hover kart kits to lower the risk factor, especially for kids.

After careful research and assessment of the various models, we believe Hover-1 Buggy Attachment to be the best hoverboard go-kart attachment. It is a feature-full kit that incorporates lots of customization options yet comes at a reasonably affordable price. 

However, if you are on a tighter budget, the KKA Hoverboard Kart is another great model that carries an even lower price tag. Besides being affordable, it is also quite comfortable and adjustable allowing you to enjoy your ride every single time. 

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