Can You Drive a Go-Kart on the Sidewalk?

Go-kart racers frequently own go-karts and are seeking venues to ride them outside of the traditional race circuit. If you’ve done your homework, you’ve probably discovered that driving your go-kart on public roads is illegal unless it’s registered and road legal. 

At first look, a sidewalk may appear to be the handy option. Generally, only pedestrians and bicyclists use the sidewalks. Also, the sidewalks are around 5 feet wide, which seems ideal for a go-kart. So, is it possible to ride a go-kart on the sidewalk? The answer is obvious and simple: No! We can’t drive a go-kart on the pavement.

What Problems May Arise When Driving Go-Kart on Sidewalk? 

There are a variety of reasons why you should not drive your kart on a paved path. The most common issues are safety, legality, and practicality. Let us take a look at some of the factors:

1. Riding Go-Karts on Sidewalks Is Illegal

One of the most essential reasons to avoid riding your go-karts on the sidewalk is that it is against the law. Only on private land or racecourses are go-karts permitted. Certain off-road go-karts are permitted to be driven on public roads, however, go-karts are not permitted to be driven on sidewalks.

2. You Will Endanger Pedestrians

Sidewalks, also known as walkways, are just for walkers and cyclists. Riding a go-kart on a sidewalk puts all people in your route in danger. People strolling down the street will be surprised to see a go-kart and will have a difficult time avoiding it.

3. It’s Impossible to Ride Go-Karts on Sidewalks

Though the sidewalks are broad enough to accommodate a go-kart, sidewalks are intended for walking, and you’ll note that most junctions aren’t completely level. The junction with other sidewalks will be rough or at a 90-degree angle. A sloping curb ramp and a lip, on the other hand, are common features of a sidewalk crossing with a road, making it hard for your go-kart to pass.

Where Can You Drive Your Go-Kart? 

Instead of driving your racing or off-road go-kart on a sidewalk, you should take it to one of their approved places to drive. Racing go-karts should only be driven on a racing track since they are made expressly for it. This makes it far safer for both you and others.

Tracks for Indoor Go-Karting

One of the most popular karting locations is indoor go-karting. The rationale for this is, you may go-karting regardless of the weather outside. Professional racers don’t mind being wet, but most average people don’t, and indoor karting offers the best of both worlds.

Go-Karting Tracks in the Open Air

The outdoor track is the next best venue to race go-karts. The biggest advantage of outdoor tracks over indoor tracks is that they are often longer. Depending on the availability of race tracks in your region and their racing laws, you can even utilize them for conventional automobiles.

Trails Made of Dirt

Another advantage of dirt paths is their length; they may be miles long and take up a significant portion of your day. In most circumstances, you do not go around a single track many times; instead, you go around it once. 

You are not compelled to hurry and can stop and take a rest, or even have a picnic if necessary.

Drag Strips 

They are another place where you may take your bespoke go-kart for a spin. It’s thrilling to race down a straight line as quickly as possible.

Private Real Estate

If you are fortunate enough to own a big private property, you may build your own go-kart course there. There are usually no limits on what you may do on your land.

Approved Public Sites 

There are a few additional public areas, such as state parks, that allow go-karts. You may search for them in your locality.

The Legalities for Driving the Go-Kart on the Street 

People normally drive go-karts on a private track or in their backyards, but you’ll need to make some modifications if you want to cruise about town or on the open road. 

To make cars that move at low speeds “street legal,” most states have enacted legislation. A vehicle must fulfill these conditions to drive on city streets. State-by-state rules and safety measures may differ.

You must equip your go-kart with the necessary safety equipment. Then, for your go-kart to be declared safe to drive on city streets, test its speed. Then, before taking your exam, fill up the go-kart’s gas tank to ensure that your engine functions smoothly.

After passing the test, attach a reflective triangle piece to the back of your go-kart. This informs other drivers that you are driving at a modest pace. Insurance for the car should also be purchased.

The Set of Rules for Safe Go Karting 

Go-karting can be dangerous and hence, comes with a set of rules to prevent accidents. Here are a few basic ones:

  • Adult karts require a minimum height of 52 inches.
  • Adult karts demand a minimum age of ten.
  • To race on the adult track, you must weigh at least 450 pounds.
  • To race on the adult track, you must be at least 5 feet tall.
  • A Waiver and Release of Liability must be signed by all racers. A signed waiver and a picture ID of their parent/grandparent or legal guardian are required for all minors under the age of 18. These should be submitted to the track authorities before riding. 
  • Your seatbelt must be secured at all times while riding in a kart.
  • At all times, keep your hands on the steering wheel and your feet within the kart.
  • Footwear that is appropriate for the situation must be worn: There will be no high heels, flip flops, or open-toe shoes allowed. There will be no bare feet.
  • There should be no loose things or clothes. All lengthy necklaces and scarves must be removed.
  • Long hair should be tucked in and fastened back.

FAQ’s Regarding Go-Karting

An article without a FAQ section seems incomplete, doesn’t it? Let us quickly go through a few common FAQs before we end.

How old do you have to be, to drive a go-kart?

All drivers must be at least 48 inches tall, 6 years old, and capable of operating the karts safely. A parent or guardian must sign a minor release liability form for racers under the age of 18.

Why is karting so expensive?

The start-up cost of the go-kart is high.  Besides that, the running cost is also high, which contributes to making karting so expensive. Although a sport like basketball requires an initial expenditure of boots, a ball, and a hoop, playing in the park or in your backyard is completely free. But in the case of the go-karts, you pay each time you drive the kart.

What are the fastest go-karts? 

The all-electric Daymak C5 Blast is the world’s fastest go-kart, accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in about 1.5 seconds.


Hopefully, it’s evident now that you shouldn’t drive your go-kart on the sidewalk. It’s against the law, and you don’t want to put people at risk. Your go-kart should only be used on a karting track. They’re made for racing, so you can let your racing instincts run wild. If you possess a big paved area, you are also authorized to drive your go-karts on private land.

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