Do Go-Karts Have Seat Belts?

Go-karts do have seat belts. However, while driving a go-kart, not everyone feels comfortable keeping the seat belt on. In fact, some people find putting on the seat belt to be riskier. But that’s not at all a smart choice and every seasoned go-kart rider will always tell you to buckle up before you ride.

Due to their smaller size, many people don’t believe go-karts to be risky. However, this is a long cry from the truth. Racing karts may reach speeds as high as 100 miles per hour, and having adequate safety measures is advisable.

Are Seat Belts Necessary For Go Karting? 

If you’re driving a full-framed kart or one featuring a roll cage, then wearing your seat belt is absolutely necessary. If you opt for karting as a fun activity, then the karts have seat belts and it is usually mandatory to wear them for safety purposes. When renting a go-kart, roll bars and roll cages are common.

However, professionals and personal kart owners have the option to add a seatbelt to their kart if it does not have one already. In go-karting, the driver has complete control over whether or not to put on the safety belt. 

Many people feel it is safer to be flung out of the racing kart than to be caught in a crashed car with no protection. It is a personal option whether or not to use a seat belt. Some go-kart racers actually refuse to use seat belts. 

Can Seatbelts Be Added to a Go-Kart? 

If your go-kart features a full-frame or incorporates a protective roll cage, it is advised that you utilize a harness or seat belt. Without it, you can incur serious damage if you’re thrown around during a crash.

When you go go-karting at a family go-kart facility, it is recommended to have seat belts installed on the karts. The family usage go-karts are usually slow-paced and stable, with very little possibility of a kart flipping. However, a harness or seat belt, as well as a helmet, should still be worn at all times by children.

What Happens if You Don’t Use a Seatbelt on Your Go-Kart 

Seat belts are necessary, especially in full-frame go-karts, since if the go-kart rolls and the person is not wearing a seatbelt, they may become tangled in the framework and may get gravely injured. The roll cage is exactly that: a cage, and if you’re not strapped in, it becomes your adversary.

Whether you want to go-kart with or without a harness or seat belt, you must spend on safety equipment. The degree of equipment that you need depends upon the terrain and speed you are driving your go-kart at.

If you often utilize dirt tracks and rocky, off-road courses, they result in more kart flips, hence a seat belt, or a more protective roll cage are recommended. If you like to ride in an open kart without a harness or seat belt, you should protect your body as much as possible.

FAQs Regarding Seat Belts in Go-Karts

What safety equipment is necessary for go-karting?

During races, some go-karts, aka super karts, can go as fast as 100 miles per hour, so it’s essential to put on full-body protection. Here’s what you’ll require:
Helmet with full face protection
Brace for the neck
Balaclava for racing
Boots for driving
Racing outfit with a chest protection

What are some tips for go-karting? 

Use a neck brace and a helmet. Remember that the head and neck region accounts for 12% of the total go-kart-related injuries. Don’t leave long hair loose and avoid bulky clothes: Any dangling clothing or accessories should be removed since they might be trapped in a rotating wheel or axle; remember your proximity to the mechanical components. 
Always keep all equipment in good working order and conduct routine inspections. Maintain your kart by having it serviced on a regular basis, keeping an eye on the wheels, and inflating them as needed. Checking under the engine for leaking fluids is also a very good idea. 
Never take a passenger. In case of a mishap, the additional passenger has little to no protection. An accident can cause significant injury to them. 
Driving locations that have been well-planned. Whenever possible, drive in an open, wide space with few or no obstacles.

Do Off-Road Karts Have Seat Belts? 

Yes, it is necessary for an off-road kart to have a seat belt. These karts go at maximum speeds of 60 km/h. At such high speeds it is necessary to be buckled in a seat belt because, in case of a mishap, the seat belt will prevent you from being thrown out of the kart. 
On the other hand, in the presence of a roll cage, your go-kart must have a roll bar too because the cage causes more harm to you in the event of an accident. 

How much does an off-road go-kart cost? 

Go-karts are available in different variations, each coming at a different price point. For example, a kid pedal-operated go-kart costs as low as $150. But if you take a look at high-end adult racing karts, they can cost as much as $10,000. And when we talk about off-road go-karts there are various types in this category. However, most of them cost between $1,000 to $2,000.


Adding a roll cage, seat belt, or safety harness to your go-kart is entirely your personal choice especially when buying it privately. Accidents may happen whether you are wearing a safety belt or not; it is up to you to pick which option is the most comfortable for you. 

For safety purposes, it is recommended that you attach a safety harness or seat belt. And if your go-kart is a full framed, have a roll bar or roll cage installed over it. 

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