How Fast Do Andretti Go-Karts Go?

We, humans, tend to draw towards activities that tickle our senses and give us the much-needed adrenaline rush. And it is the same enthusiasm that makes us fall in love with adventurous activities like go-karting. 

But how can we discuss this sport without mentioning the infamous Andretti go-karts? If you have ever been there, somewhere in your mind you must’ve thought how fast their go-karts go? Well, today we’ll answer this thought along with all your queries about Andretti go-karts. We will go through their speed ranges and also answer some of the common questions along the way. So keep reading to learn it all! 

Speeding Range of the Andretti Go-Karts

In the adult track, Andretti Karts can go as fast as 35-miles per hour. The Andretti Thrill Park has over half a mile of race tracks. The total area is divided into three racing tracks – junior, intermediate, and adult tracks. Each of these has designated go-karts with different speed limits. Let’s have a look at the speed ranges of the go-karts on each track. 

Junior Track

The drivers on junior tracks cannot be any younger than 7 years. The karts on this track can go as fast as 15 miles per hour ensuring your little ones are safe and sound. 

Intermediate Track

The intermediary track is designed for drivers aged 15 or above. Their karts have speed ranges of up to 25 miles per hour. 

Adult Track

The adult track at the Andretti Go Kart Facility is the most challenging of all the tracks. It is designed for speed races hence the fastest Andretti go-karts travel over it going as fast as 35 miles per hour. While this may not seem very fast when you are driving on an indoor track just a few inches off the ground, it is an intense experience. 

At some Andretti locations, there is also a Mini Mario Track made for drivers aged three and above. On this course, the little racers get to drive carts that travel at a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour keeping them safe and sound. 

You should keep in mind that Andretti keeps it quite safe considering the fastest go-kart in the world can do 0-60 mph in 2.635 seconds. Here are some details on what that beast can do.

About the Andretti Go-Karts

The Andretti Indoor Karting and Games is the family business of the world-renowned car racer Mario Andretti. His son Michael Andretti, nephew John Andretti, grandson Marco, and great-nephew Jarett are also involved in the karting business. With Andretti go-karts, they offer the opportunity to their guests to enjoy the sport with their family and friends. 

The facility does not have an admission fee so you pay as you go. The go-karting at Andretti is actually next level. They use SODI RTX electric go-karts hence there are no vibration or gasoline fumes coming from the engine. Instead what you experience is an extremely smooth ride with lots of speed and thrill. 

You get to choose between three racecourses. Track one or junior track is a single-level track with smoother turns designed for beginner and younger drivers. The intermediate track or track two is a bit more challenging with multiple levels and lots of turns. 

Lastly, track three or adult track is a speed racing course with elevation changes, straightways, and banked turns. Once you have chosen your track, they’ll tell you a time for your race. On the track, you’ll get a locker to stash your stuff, plus, they’ll outfit you in safety helmets for the race. 

The winner for the race is not always the one who crosses the finish line first. Instead, the racer with the best average lap time is named the winner. 

FAQs Related to the Andretti Go-Kart Facility

Here are some questions enthusiasts ask about Andretti Go-Kart Facility:

Is there an age limit to go-kart at the Andretti Go-Kart Facility?

There are three different tracks at Andretti Go-Kart Facility to race on. Each of these is targeted towards a certain age group. For instance, track one is the beginner go-karting level designed for juniors racers and kids aged 7 or above. Whereas track two is suitable for people aged 13 years or more. Track three is designed for speed racing, hence only the drivers aged 15 or above can participate here. And if you want to book an Adult Double Seater kart, these are only available to drivers who are at least 18 years of age. 

What is the weight limit for Go-Karting?

There is no weight limit for go-karting at the Andretti Go Kart Facility. However, heavier drivers may find themselves struggling to match the lap times of their lighter competitors. 

Do you need a license for go-karting at Andretti Go Kart Facility? 

While the junior and intermediate tracks are open to go-kart on without a license, if you want to race on the adult racing track you have to be at least 15 years of age and have a valid driving license or permit.  

What should I wear for go-karting?

There is no race suit obligation for go-karting at Andretti Thrill Park, but there are certain rules. For example, your clothing should be comfortable so that you can easily sit and stretch. They recommend wearing pants or shorts because flowing clothing like skirts or scarves can cause trouble. You should wear closed-toe shoes as flip-flops and sandals are not allowed. They also advise against wearing hats and ask long-haired people to tie them into a ponytail or tuck it inside their shirts. It is also necessary to wear an approved safety helmet.


This brings us to the end of the discussion. We hope you found the answers to all your questions regarding Andretti go-karts. If you yourself are a thrill-seeker, the Andretti go-karts will surely quench your thirst for adventure. You can visit any of their locations and experience the adrenaline rushing through your body.

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