How Much Does a Go-Kart Cost? A Detailed Breakdown

Go-karts have received immense popularity in recent years. The mere fact that individual tracks have been assigned for this recreational sport, shows how many people find it to be an entertaining activity! Well, taking it up as an occasional hobby is one thing. However, once you decide to buy a model for yourself, the go-kart’s purchase and maintenance cost become a huge barrier!

As appealing as the concept of having a go-kart sounds, we all operate under a stringent budget. Thus, before looking into which model is the most appealing, you need to have a good idea of the various price ranges operating in the market.

Don’t worry, we’ve decided to make your task easier! Apart from giving you an idea of different models available within various price ranges, we also discuss what factors make some vehicles more expensive than others! This, combined with a detailed account of the after-purchase maintenance costs of these vehicles, will give you a precise idea of what you’re getting into. 

Go-Kart Price Range

An average go-kart will cost somewhere between $1,500-2,500. However, you’ll find multiple options ranging from $500-$1,000. Some of these are small-sized and designed specifically for kids, while others lack the advanced features that superior models comprise.

Products are generally priced according to their features and attributes. Go-karts are no different; you’ll notice how the exceptional variations in prices of different models are based on their quality, features, size, and the market they cater to.

We’ve divided the different options available in the market on three bases; their size, the source of power, and their purpose of use. You can thus find out the range relevant to your specific requirements!

Go-Karts for Kids 

Go-karts for kids are generally a smaller and safer version of adult go-karts. They are also known as mini karts for kids. They are more affordable than professional go-karts as they are equipped with smaller engines and require small manufacturing materials. 

While some options may be priced as high as 1,500 dollars, you’ll find a wide variety of decent kid-sized go-kart options ranging from 500-1,000 dollars!

Go-Karts Under $500

This category comprises manual models that come with pedals to enhance your child’s physical activity levels. Major emphasis is laid upon the safety features to make sure your kids have a safe fun-filled experience. The brands usually play with the design of such models. Customizations like appealing colors or cartoon-based themes make this an attractive range for children.

The maintenance cost is also pretty low for these go-karts. Since most of them are powered by manual pedals, there’s no need to fill up regular gas or replace the batteries. All you need to do is make sure that the pedals remain smooth and the emergency brakes (whether near the pedals or beside the steering wheel) remain intact!

Razor, Hauch, and Radio Flyer; are all popular players in this category. They promise the most comfortable seating combined with strong wheels and emergency brakes. These features make the products safe and worth investing in.

Go-Karts in the Price Range of $500-1,500

The more premium category includes models powered by an electric source. Electric go-karts are generally smaller versions of the models available for adults. Although you might find some gas-powered vehicles as well, we strongly recommend against them.

The complications of keeping a regular check combined with high maintenance costs, make the electrical models more suitable for children!

These vehicles focus upon a sleek design that usually allows for more than one child to sit inside. Your child will get a more realistic feel of driving with a monitored speedometer and advanced braking systems.

The premium price comes with a promise of adjustability and utmost safety for your kids! Ninebot, Powersports, and Moto Tec are all considered well-reputed brands in this category. You might even find some of the best products with amazing deals on Amazon.

How Much Do Go-Karts for Adults Cost?

Adult-sized go-karts are not abundantly available. These are big with a tough and open frame for safety and ventilation. They’re rare because of the various regulations that apply to taking such models out in public spaces.

The difference in their prices can be explained in a couple of ways. The main categories include electrical models, gas-powered vehicles, professional go-karts, and off-road vehicles! We’ll discuss the operating price ranges in all of these categories while explaining why the vast difference exists.

Electrical Go-Karts

These models rely on the latest technology of electrical power sources. They run on highly efficient batteries and thus provide a smoother drive while also minimizing your maintenance costs. Your only concern would be to replace the batteries once they run out.

These models can be priced as low as $500 to as high as $3,000! The major difference arrives due to the quality of the engine, comfort level, durability of the model, and the presence or lack of additional features like seatbelts, higher speed limits, and windshields.

Under $500

These models are not for regular use in driving or racing. They have a low-speed capacity and are best to practice some drifting. Main brands like Razor focus on the motor strength and wheel-grip of these vehicles. Their top speed ranges somewhere between 10-20 mph. Naturally, they’re also smaller in size and can withstand a smaller capacity of weight!

Apart from enhancing your drifting skills, these go-karts can also be used on unpaved lanes. People usually invest in these models as they’re far more convenient in terms of getting approval for use in public spaces. However, make sure that your go-kart comes with minimal safety accessories like an emergency brake in case you intend to use it on public avenues.

Price Range of $1,000-$1,500

The second category comes with certain advanced features. These go-karts have a greater speed capacity powered by a stronger motor. Some models also rely on dual motors to ensure a smooth drive.

Their design is more advanced; the wheels not only provide a better grip on various surfaces but also ensure balanced friction and thus more effective braking technology. You might be able to drive at a speed of up to 25 mp/h with these go-karts.

The additional features differ from one product to another. For instance, Ninebot provides mechanical control on their go-karts. A dual connection allows for the controller to be connected with the hoverboard via a wire and standby Bluetooth. The backup option ensures your utmost safety and a more reasonable return on your investment.

If you’re interested in go-karts with hoverboard attachments just like the Ninebot, then check out our top-picks hoverboard go-kart combo.

If you’re not a fan of high-speed models for racing and are intending to stay under a strict budget, this is the best category to look into.

Price Range of $1,500-$3,000

You won’t see a major difference in the functionality of the go-karts in this category. The price-differentiation arises because of the frame design and size of the models. 

Besides the design, some brands charge for their after-sale maintenance. Some might even offer additions like centrifugal clutches to support a more smooth enhancement in speed. However, please note that none of the above-mentioned categories are designed for racing purposes. Those models use more advanced technology and are discussed in detail below.

Go-kart for Racing: Average and Professional

Racing go-karts are much more expensive and sophisticated than average adult-sized go-karts. They are used for racing, making it essential to manufacture top-notch equipment with high-end inputs.

Racing go-karts are commonly found in various forms, but they can range from $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the features and quality that they offer. Some advanced models that are street-legal in major states can also cost you over $100,000!

Regular options ranging from $5,000-15,000

Mind you, go-karts for racing can be powered by electrical batteries or fuel engines. However, unlike the regular options, they come with a much stronger motor powered by a heavier battery. The design of the tires accompanied with a lightweight disc helps you speed up the vehicle in no time!

Special attention is paid to the brake system of these models. You do not want to be drifting around the arena while looking to put a sudden stop. Some brands also provide a 4-wheel brake system which ensures a smooth stop and hence a safer ride.

Similarly, the gear system and the steering wheel design are all linked in a way grabbing control of the vehicle at a high speed becomes easier. The models in this price range are not as comfortable as regular vehicles. You’ll usually see a lot of these products in a go-kart racing station!

Well, the price tag might just indicate how similar these models are to regular vehicles. The high-end price is governed by the sleek design of these cars alongside their features that make them street-legal in most states!

Players in this category, including Campagna, KTM, and Elemental, have focused on the weight of the vehicle and the horsepower of its engine. The right combination allows such vehicles to ride around a speed up to 160 mp/h. Many of them can go from 0 to 60 in a matter of 2-3 seconds!

The engine strength and the unique design make for a modern look, similar to that of a recent Porsche model. If you have the resources and the passion for such race cars, we suggest looking for these go-karts!

Gas-powered Go-Karts

Gas-powered go-karts are not too costly to purchase. They have a faster traveling pace than electric go-karts and minimal downtime, which cuts down the operating costs for the users. It is easier and less expensive to fill the small gas tank of a gas-powered go-kart than to charge an electric engine.

Most of these go-karts will be priced somewhere around $700-$1,000. The only exception is that of models with a heavier engine designed for race purposes. These go-karts are like four-wheeled dirt bikes and have a very high fuel consumption. Their ability to withstand various surfaces and reach high speeds make them more costly (ranging between $3,000-$11,000).

What Factors Determine the Cost of Go-karts?

The cost of a go-kart depends on multiple factors, which we have discussed above. The variation occurs due to the types of go-karts that are available. Each type has different input materials, features, structure, etc., that build on the cost of that particular go-kart.


Bigger go-karts require hefty material with large engines and oversized tires. At the same time, smaller go-karts do not require heftier material that can withstand a heavier design!

The smaller ones are lighter and consist of a small engine that may not cost the manufacturers a lot. This is another reason why full-sized go-karts may cost more than smaller ones.


There are different types of go-karts, each with a different price. Some are made for specific occasions or tasks with explicit features that may be unique from the rest.

For instance, racing go-karts focus on speed and use lightweight, sturdy material to manufacture the go-kart. A kid’s go-kart may require safety and controllable speed for which pedal go-karts are available.

This is why the racing go-kart with a proper engine and FIA-compliant materials may be more costly than a common plastic-infused kids go-kart.


The number of parts required by each go-kart also determines the cost. The more components a go-kart needs, the more costly it will be.

Certain off-road go-karts are made up of brake discs, individual suspensions, additional seats, storage racks, and headlights. This equipment incurs separate costs added to the manufacturing cost of the go-kart, making it more expensive.

These extra features require additional input that may facilitate the user with a better experience. Hence, producers may incur additional costs to provide value to the users and pass them on to the buyers.


Standard and professional go-karts may look similar, but there is a vast difference between the materials used to produce them. A high-end racing go-kart will cost thrice as much as a standard adult-sized go-kart. This is because a professional go-kart is made with lightweight material that costs more.

Examples of expensive materials used can be carbon fiber or a steel alloy such as AISI-4130.

Maintenance Cost Of Go-Karts

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay around $1000-5000 per year on the maintenance of your go-Kart. However, the actual price will vary depending on who you are, where you live and what type of go-karter you are.

Well, no matter which vehicle you’re purchasing, it consumes time, effort, and money to maintain it. Go-Karts are no different in this regard. Thus, before finalizing a pick, you should always consider how much is it going to cost you in the long run!

One of the major expenses includes day-to-day maintenance. This might be in the form of fuel for gas-powered models, or battery-charge and replacement for electrical models!

Apart from the major cost, you’ll have to keep a check on the parts of the vehicle and replace them accordingly. For instance, the wheels might wear out over time leading to an overall lack of traction. Similarly, the steering wheels can get jammed and the brake pedals will get non-responsive over time.

You need to keep all this under check and replace the defective parts accordingly. If you’ve upgraded your model by adding headlights, a windshield, or turning signs, just keep a check on those features too!

Last but certainly not least is the engine of this vehicle. A racing go-kart will need the greatest attention in this regard. These models require a stronger engine which is very expensive to replace. Thus, regularly check and maintain the engine to ensure it can withstand your usage over a longer period.


Is it less costly to build or buy a go-kart?

Building a go-kart by yourself may cost around $400 to $860 at max, depending on what materials you use and what features you add to it. However, if you’re looking for a good quality, full-sized go-kart in the market, it will cost more than $400. Hence, if you plan to build your go-kart, it may be less expensive than the one you buy from the market.

How much do electric go-karts cost?

Electric go-karts can cost up to $12,000 on average. You can also find electric go-karts starting from $8,000 but with standard features. A more professional level go-kart may begin from $12,000.

How fast does a go-kart go?

Most go-karts can go up to the speed of 40 to 50 mph. It is recommended that one does not go beyond this speed as the kart may become uncontrollable and sometimes fly off the track or hurt others in the way.

Is go-karting hard?

Go-karting requires a lot of physical strength, which is why it is a demanding sport to do. If you have not done go-karting before, you should not immediately enter a race track full of professionals. It would be best if you warmed up beforehand with some exercises such as jogging to ensure that your hands, neck, thighs, and wrists are all stretched out.

How much weight can a go-kart carry?

An adult-sized go-kart is found at a minimum of 52 inches. With a maximum of 450 lbs., people above ten years old can use a go-kart for racing on a track. Different types of go-karts have various weight capacities, which need to be researched before choosing the best fit.

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