Will I Fit in a Go-Kart? (Choosing the Correct Sized Kart)

A common question that comes to the minds of tall or heavy people is, will I fit in a go-kart? Do go-karts come in a single size or are there different karts for different sized people? In go-karting, there are usually no weight or height restrictions. go-karts are sized in a way that anyone can fit in them. However, there are usually a lot more aspects that you must take into consideration.

What Go-Kart Size Is Suitable for Tall and Heavy People?

Almost all chassis would be around 78-inches long, 25 inches high, and about 52 inches in width. Some go-kart makers experimented with longer/wider constructions for a short time but swiftly standardized the fit to match the requirements of US race classes.

Karting will always be accessible and open to people of all ages and backgrounds. Although some intricacies are still there to consider in terms of weight category, such as how being significantly bigger than your competitors might be a disadvantage when racing. Still, there’s so much more to consider.

Longer Chassis for a Go-Kart

Long chassis karts offer more downforce in some situations, giving drivers with more height some edge over drivers with normal height. Therefore, several kart circuits created a special class for these karts to participate in.

With the passage of time, the appeal of keeping these classes dedicated to drivers with more height only, faded. The companies ceased production of these longer karts, then returned to the conventional formula, which complied with all standards for adult drivers of all classes.

The main reason for the longer karts was simply to make it easier for tall drivers to reach the pedals without having to double up their legs. To address this issue, kart makers simply designed karts with easily adjustable seat and pedal locations, and the problem was effectively remedied.

Is There a Weight Limit for go-karts?

Weight is a way more important factor to consider in go-kart racing than the height of the driver. Weight limits vary in every racing in order to closely maintain the racing. It’s no fun being 200 pounds and racing against 120-pound rakes! Your driving skills do matter, but most heavy-set racers struggle because of the additional weight slowing them down. 

When you’re out karting with pals for a good time, you may mutter and complain, when your light weighted and fitter companions have a significant edge.

A driver’s weight is significant just in terms of selecting the classification of the engine in which you will potentially compete. The X30 IAME Masters allows for a total weight of 400 pounds (181 kilograms) and is a superior option for bigger people.

Make a visit to local tracks for karting before purchasing a kart. Inquire about the most popular race series, as well as the races hosted regularly by these tracks, and look for drivers who’re of a comparable weight to you.

Weight won’t be an issue if you just want to enjoy or participate in seasonal races hosted by the local clubs because for more even things, the most lightweight person would be weighted. However, if you’re serious about racing, you should take a look at clubs around and discover if any series race is appropriate for you.

Special Size Cases for go-karts

With the body positivity movement so active, you’ll be surprised to learn that in an activity such as karting, there is little discrimination towards people who are above average size. Sure there are some exceptions who still impose strict height and weight restrictions on their karting classes, it’s not too difficult to find a facility that will happily sign you up even if you are special sized. In fact, some facilities even offer racing classes for heavier drivers. So, even if you are above average size, don’t let that stop you from having fun on a go-kart track.

Extra Points

All in all, normal kinds of karts seen on any manufacturer’s site or a used one from your friend would suffice. If you’re taller and hence heavier than normal, here are a few additional tips to consider before purchasing a kart:

Size of Tubing

Moly tubing is used for the chassis’ since always, as it is both flexible and rigid to bond things. As a standard, two sizes are available: 30 and 32-millimeter. If you’re taller or bulkier than normal, choose the 32mm option whenever possible. It will increase the rigidity and stability of your kart!

How Flexible Is It?

Consider finding out if there’s a chance to simply modify the steering column and pedals so that you can fit comfortably. When reaching out to hold the wheel, keep your elbows slightly bent, and when pressing the pedals flat at the base, keep your legs fully extended. You must bend your elbows a little, while you’re holding onto the steering wheel. 

Moreover, your legs must be completely stretched to reach the pedal, while they are pressed completely down at the base of the kart. This is the perfect posture, and this is exactly how you should adjust your kart.

Premium Seating

Seats of go-karts aren’t precisely adjustable; there are only two sizes available: large and small. Look for a go-kart that originally comes with a large seat, or at the absolute least make sure the kart you’re buying fits it. Usually, a few karts come with smaller seats which are the worst! So make sure to buy a good seat size, as comfort is most important.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average size of a go-kart?

Go-karts are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. However, the variety of racing karts is quite generic and usually, quite similar. A standard go-kart is measured as 25” tall, 52” wide, and 78” long. These karts are built to cater to people of all shapes and sizes, and usually, there isn’t a problem for people to fit in. All go-karts can be adjusted according to the person’s body, which includes the pedal and steering. This ensures ease while karting.

How do go-kart sizes vary?

Depending on your history and where you’re from in the United States, your perceptions of go-karting will differ. Most people, though, think of sprint-style karts, which have a straight chassis and a driver who sits in the middle of the rig and races in short stints for the chance to win. However, the size of a go-kart also depends upon the shape. Otherwise, all karts come in a generic size that is almost the same for all with a difference of an inch or two.

What sort of go-kart to buy if you are too big or small?

While there is no shortage of options for people who are too small, the problem arises when you are too big or tall. Even for people who are taller than average, there is an option for a go-kart with an adjustable seat. But if you are heavy set, you should look into getting a kart with a heavy-duty engine. Something which allows around 400 pounds including you in full racing gear and the kart. Fortunately, there is no shortage for options and you can easily get a suitable engine to supplement your racing skills. 

How tall can you be to fit in a go-kart?

The minimum height requirement for go-karting may vary depending upon your area of residence. To race in the cadet karts, children must have a minimum inside leg measurement of 25 inches or more, and while there is no set maximum height due to different body types and proportions, we recommend that children be under 5’4″ to fit comfortably into the cadet karts and control them safely.
Adult kart drivers must have an inner leg measurement of 29 inches or greater.

Can I race if I have a medical condition or disability?

Drivers with heart difficulties, epilepsy, or other disorders that may be impacted by effort should avoid go-karting. Any problems that prevent you from obtaining a driver’s license will almost certainly preclude you from racing. 


As you can probably guess from reading this article, there isn’t much of a size difference between go-karts, which is part of the appeal of this sport. If you’re tall and a little heavier, there are a few things to keep in mind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with karts!

You’ll be well-equipped to acquire the perfect kart if you shop carefully, recall the preceding tips, and spend plenty of time investigating your local karting environment. When it comes to adult kart chassis, you really can’t go wrong! 

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